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[SMTRACING] Let's Walk on a Road of Snowflakes: SNOWAY
ALL PHOTOS FROM WWW.SNOWAY.SM.AC.KR Wouldn't it be nice to have a guardian angel walking along side you and constantly telling you the b
Kim Taeeun, Song Heejeong   2017-11-09
[SPECIAL REPORTS] A Paradoxical Romance and the Phases of Time
On 14 September, New £10 note entered circulation. It is the second currency in England to be printed on polymer plastic and it is the
Kim Minji, Shin Woohyun   2017-11-09
[FORMER ARTICLES] Cruel Teenagers
A few months ago, in Asan, Chungnam, four middle school girls detained a peer and forced her into prostitution. Needless to say, it aroused
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-11-09
[FORMER ARTICLES] We Need to Be More Sensitive
The highly anticipated Korean film of the 2017 summer ‘V.I.P.’ faced fierce criticism. Although the film was filled with famous movie stars
Kim Lee Jihyun   2017-11-09
[SPECIAL REPORTS] Dystopia, Disguised as Utopia
Dystopia, also called anti-utopia, is the darkest, most negative future world that one could imagine. It is the direct opposite of an ideal
Kim Hong Taeeun   2017-10-15
[MUSE ON] Alice Jumps into the Rabbit Hole
Alice had begun to get bored of just lazing about the side of the river bank with nothing to do when she spotted a white rabbit looking at i
Kim Lim Minji   2017-10-12
[FORMER ARTICLES] Barista, a Job Best Held by Humans?
The 21st century struggles to create a more comfortable world for humanity by making use of powerful scientific and technical innovation. Ro
Kim Choi Hyojin   2017-10-12
[GLOBAL REPORT] Shape the Future in America
Neil Armstrong once said, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” In this paper, I’d like to introduce my giant leap
Jeon Serin   2017-10-12
[SMTRACING] Sookmyung Women's University in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Division
During course registration, Sookmyungians received an interesting text message regarding class guidelines and an interdisciplinary program b
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-10-11
[WE.R.IN] The Registration System at Sookmyung Women’s University is Efficient
During course registration periods, students do not always get the schedule they hope for. Instead, they are often disappointed, and as such
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-10-11
[FORMER ARTICLES] Should Multi-Platform Content Providers Be Regulated?
The Korea Communications Standards Commission has unveiled regulations for multi-platform service providers including Multi Channel Network
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-10-11
[EXPERIENCE] The Culture of Feminism, DOING Café
Themed cafés can now be found as a complex cultural space. While they offer customers a place for relaxation, they also do much more.
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-10-11
[FORMER ARTICLES] Cafe or Library?
Walking along city streets, it is easy to find cafes full of students studying. In the past, most students went to crowded but quiet librari
Kim Hong Taeeun   2017-09-06
[FORMER ARTICLES] "Where are You REALLY From?"
In the summer heat on July 2, three celebrities sat together in a small room. One of them was the interviewer and the other two were actors
Han Lee Hyebin   2017-09-06
[EXPERIENCE] Not Just Bowling, but Rock Bowling
As you enter the dark room, you will see twinkling lights. You will also hear loud pop songs that make you feel as though you were at a club
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-09-05
[WE.R.IN] Foreign language high schools should be abolished
For several years, a growing number of people have argued for the abolishment of foreign language high schools. In 2017, the issue became a
Song Yoon Heejeong   2017-09-05
[GLOBAL REPORT] My First Time to Paris France
My first trip to France was a very unique experience. It’s unlikely I would have had the same experience anywhere else. The entire experienc
Kim Hyemi   2017-09-05
[SPECIAL REPORTS] Uncovering All The Mysteries SHERLOCK
Have you ever watched ‘Crime Scene’ the JTBC TV program where contestants guess the murderer? Or have you ever been to a room escape caf&eac
Song Yoon Heejeong   2017-09-05
[EXPERIENCE] Boating on the Han River, Tubester
April 25th, this is SMT reporter’s birthday, and I wanted to spend time with family or friends. Unfortunately, in 2017, April 25th fell duri
Kim Lim Minji   2017-06-24
[WE.R.IN] The Right to Vote Should Be Altered to Include 18 year olds
Early this year, citizens throughout the nation gathered continuously at Gwanghwamun to rally for President Park Geun-hye’s impeachment and
Kim Choi Hyojin   2017-06-23
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