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[ALUMNAE] Disable, Chance for a New Life [새창] Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter 2010-11-05
[PEOPLE] Just Two Minutes! [새창] Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter 2010-11-04
[PEOPLE] Treatment in the Theater [새창] Kim Jung jiwon / Reporter 2010-10-05
[ALUMNAE] Pioneer Mind To Attract The World [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun/ Women Desk Edi 2010-10-05
[PEOPLE] Baking Happiness and Dreams [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun/WomenDeskEditor 2010-09-07
[ALUMNAE] The Reason She Stays Young [새창] Park Lee Dahye Reporter 2010-09-06
[INTERVIEW] 777 Jackpot [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun/SeniorReporter 2010-06-06
[ALUMNAE] Write Your Life through Travel [새창] Kim Jung Jiwon/JuniorReporter 2010-06-06
[PEOPLE] Good Morning Pops, Good Morning English! [새창] Park Kim Injin/Junior reporter 2010-06-06
[PEOPLE] Good Morning Pops, Good Morning English! [새창] Park Kim Injin 2010-06-06
[PEOPLE] A Magician of Flower [새창] Park Lee Dahye / Junior Report 2010-05-08
[ALUMNAE] Brighten Up Your Dream! [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun / Senior Report 2010-05-08
[ALUMNAE] Sing Your Dreams, Singer-Songwriter Lala [새창] Park Kim Injin / Cub Reporter 2010-04-03
[PEOPLE] Chocolatier Who Creates Hand Made Happiness [새창] Lim Yang Yunjeong / Reporter 2010-04-03
[PEOPLE] Say Hello to Culture and Explore [새창] Sah Kim Hyesun / Cub Reporter 2010-03-09
[ALUMNAE] Brand Shim Sunhye, the Opening Sookmyungian in the Chosun Ilbo [새창] Lim Yang Yunjeong / Reporter 2010-03-09
[ALUMNAE] Play Me, Click Me, on Canvas [새창] Park Bae Hyewon / Culture Desk 2009-12-18
[PEOPLE] Peculiar but Plain Entertainment Watcher [새창] Jang Oh Yukyeong / Cub Reporte 2009-12-18
[ALUMNAE] Creative Anyway! [새창] Hwang Hong Yuhwa 2009-11-07
[PEOPLE] Science, Reborn from the Hands of a Translator, Hanum Lee [새창] Lim Yang Yunjeong 2009-11-07
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