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[ALUMNAE] I Want to Be on My Way!
Nowadays, people deny being different from others. Although they say, “I want to have my own identity,” they only want tohave their identity
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-11-07
[PEOPLE] Sweet Dream in Sugar
The Sookmyung Times (SMT) interviewed Lee Jongyoul (LEE), the director of the sugar craft institute ‘Sugaratelier.’
Kim Chung Jinyong   2011-10-08
[ALUMNAE] Make a Beauty in the Museum
“A curator is a blessed job. I can work with lots of relics, and I make an effort to preserve them. Also, by showing preserved relics to pe
Byun Ji Geunah   2011-10-08
[INTERVIEW] Fairy Tale, It IsFair For Everyone
Do you remember the story when you were young? Do you think it is childish and hollow for us whomlive in a real life which is hard and tough
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-10-06
[PEOPLE] For a Better World, KaKao Talk
"KaTok* to me~" It is a new bye. KaKaoTalk has become the routine for smartphone users. Some people buy smartphones to use this most belov
Ryu Joo Seunghee   2011-09-21
[INTERVIEW] Let's Participate in Clubs!
Have you ever seen the Leadership festival? That event was introduced as one of SMU’s many clubs. Many Korean students often know aboutclu
Kim Ji Hyeeun / Reporter   2011-09-14
[INTERVIEW] For a Better World, Kakao Talk!
"KaTok* to me~" It is a new bye. KakaoTalk became a routine for smartphone users. Some people buy smartphone to use KakaoTalk. KaKaoTalk
Ryu Joo Seunghee   2011-09-14
[ALUMNAE] Volunteering is Addictive!
She is not one person. It means she has many jobs. On weekdays she is pharmacist and helper for the poor near us. On weekendsshe is a doctor
Kim Ji Hyeeun / Reporter   2011-09-14
[ALUMNAE] Step Forward to Global Fellowship
Three of our alumnae were selected on Global Ph.D. Fellowship by government. The Sookmyung Times (SMT) met our proud alumnae Jeong Ae Rie, Y
Lim Lee Minah / Cub Reporter   2011-06-06
[PEOPLE] Design the Innocence of Childhood
These days, there is another president for children! His name is Pororo who is the little penguin who likes to go snowboarding and wants to
Kim Jang Sooyoung   2011-06-06
[PEOPLE] Infinite Challenge to the World, KOREA!
"Do you know why Dokdo (located in the East Sea is a part of Korean territory) is our land?" It is the first question of Korean PR Expert,
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2011-05-07
[ALUMNAE] Poetry Is a Consolation
Here is one poet. After 24 years of nursing, she had to say goodbye to her husband, who collapsed with a stroke. After that, she had to ta
Kim Chung Jinyong / Reporter   2011-05-07
[PEOPLE] Tracking Your Eye, Reading Your Mind
Through one’s eyes, we can read one’s mind. Today, science makes the saying real through ‘eye tracking’ which detects people’s eyes and gue
Ahn Park Dabom / Reporter   2011-04-07
[ALUMNAE] Concentrated Centisecond, Click!
Here is the job requiring a great deal of concentration. It has to catch decisive moments in less than a second. The job is photographer,
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2011-04-06
[PEOPLE] Passion for Coffee, Fashion of Coffee
Do you enjoy a scent of coffee once during your day? If you do, the sookmyung times (SMT) recommend you the café Coffee LEC (Limited
Park Kim Injin / Women Desk Ed   2011-03-08
[ALUMNAE] I Want to BeYour Senior
She also joined a university club, ate with her friends at the cafeteria in the Myungshin Building, and took classes in the QueenSunheon Bui
Kim Jung Jiwon / Culture Desk   2011-03-07
[PEOPLE] A 60-year-old Man who Still Feels Lucky to Learn Something New Everyday
Generally, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is the place working for establishing and enforcing the law and judging the crime. And an econom
Sah Kim Hyesun   2010-12-05
[PEOPLE] Every Monent, Have a Passion!
Do you have a certain dream now? If you don’t, then are you frustrated not having any dream? Don’t worry...
Jang Park Jihye / Cub Reporter   2010-12-05
[ALUMNAE] Disable, Chance for a New Life
From elementary school life to university life Seo Cheon Seok’s (SEO) dream has continued to change, but becoming a social worker had never
Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter   2010-11-05
[PEOPLE] Just Two Minutes!
There are people who have to show everything by video in a very limited time. The given time for video is just two minutes...
Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter   2010-11-04
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