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[ON SMU] Advice of Nobelist for SMU
Nobel Prize winner Professor Kurt Wuthrich had a lecture for Sookmyung Women’s University students on March 20th. He received a Nobel Prize
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-04-05
[ON SMU] Lingua Express, Efforts for Sookmyungian
Lingua Express, which is a language institute at SMU and offers various language programs, organized a few English studying programs for Soo
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-04-05
[ON SMU] Let’s Make Your Vision Together
The Sookmyung Career Development Center held a Career Clinic for Sookmyungians who were preparing for the first half year’s open recruitment
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-04-05
[ON SMU] Another Pleasure of University Life, Club Activity!
The Haeoreum Festival was held on Queen Sunheon Square on March 4th to 5th, 2013. The first Haeorem Festival was in 2009, so this was the 5t
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-04-05
[ON SMU] New Leaders, New Changes
Chosun Joongang Communcations, North Korea’s only broadcasting station, announced that North Korea has succeeded in carrying out a third nuc
Yi Sohn Joonyoung / Woman Desk   2013-03-09
[ON SMU] SMU Gave Freshmen an Enthusiastic Welcome!
SMU held an entrance ceremony on February 20th. This ceremony was meaningful because it was the first ceremony the freshmen attended. In the
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-03-09
[ON SMU] Upgrade of the Myungshin Buildng for Better University Life
The extension work of the Myungshin Building, which started on June 25th, 2012, was finished earlier this year. The purpose of this work was
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-03-09
[ON SMU] Sookmyung Women's University & Disney Channel, Collaboration
Sookmyung Women’s University signed the “Global Best” industrialeducationalcooperation letter of intent with the global media group WaltDisn
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-03-09
[ON SMU] SNOW, "We will be Your Help, Freshmen!"
SMU’s leadership group SNOW (Sookmyung Network for an Open World) held a special lecture for freshmen. This lecture was held at the Samsung
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-03-09
[ON SMU] A Shift in Generation, 2012 → 2013
From November 20th to November 29th, an election was held over the campus. There were three elections; one for a representative of each depa
Kim Jo Dana   2012-12-09
[ON SMU] Promote Gender Equality in Digital Economy
From November 19th to 23rd, APWINC (Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center) held a workshop named “Workshop for E-business Training
Lee Kim Seulgi   2012-12-09
[ON SMU] Don’t be Shy and Talk with Us at Gender Equality Cultural Festival
The Sookmyung Gender Equality Laboratory held a Cultural Festival of Gender Equality with the theme “Are we in a genuine love?” The festival
Yoo Kim Juhee   2012-12-09
[ON SMU] Enhance Your Humanities Knowledge at the Sookmyung Humanities Festival!
The General Education Institute (GEI) of SMU organized a Sookmyung Humanities Festival from the 27th of October to the 17th of November. For
Yi Sohn Joonyoung   2012-12-09
[ON SMU] Who will Be the Next Leader
South KoreaOn Dec 19th, What is YourChoice?As the independent presidential candidate Ahn Cheolsoo withdrewfrom the presidential election, th
Lim Hyungsun, Lee Seulgi   2012-12-06
[ON SMU] WLP Reunion on an Autumn Day
On October 13th, the Korean American Sharing Movement (KASM) held the Washington Leadership Program (WLP) Reunion in the memorial hall. KASM
Oh Lee Yeon   2012-11-18
[ON SMU] The Graduate Exhibition Filled with Creative Works
From October 11th to 16th, the Department of Environmental Design graduate exhibition was held in the Chungpa Gallery of the Renaissance Pla
Lee Kim Seulgi   2012-11-18
[ON SMU] Share Your Opinions in the Communication Project
On September 25th, The Sookmyungian’s Thinking was held by the student council. The purpose of this project was to communicate with the stud
Lee Kim Seulgi   2012-11-16
[ON SMU] Choose What You Want to Read!
Between the 24th and 27th of September, SMU library held an event, Reader’s Choice Foreign Publication Exhibition. It was held in the first
Oh Lee Yeon   2012-11-16
[ON SMU] Is Curator Your ‘MAJESTY?’
Is Curator Your ‘MAJESTY?’How much do you know about curators? People might think of curators simply as a planner of exhibitions, but they d
Oh Lee Yeon / Cub Reporter   2012-11-09
[ON SMU] Play and Sing Your Song of CODE BLUE
Imagine students on the campus grass, singing and playing guitars and becoming one by it. This is most common romance many university stude
Yoo Kim Juhee / Reporter   2012-10-11
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