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[PEOPLE] Treatment in the Theater
People could get a treatment in the hospital and watch the play in the theater? However have you ever receiveda treatment in the theater? Th
Kim Jung jiwon / Reporter   2010-10-05
[ALUMNAE] Pioneer Mind To Attract The World
“The Voice of all the vocalists can touch and persuade people easily, because we sing lyrics which are the message of each own.” As a vocali
Sah Kim Hyesun/ Women Desk Edi   2010-10-05
[PEOPLE] Baking Happiness and Dreams
What do people usually think about patisserie? Sweety? Tasty? Dreamy? Most of associated words are positive, because patisseries create spac
Sah Kim Hyesun/WomenDeskEditor   2010-09-07
[ALUMNAE] The Reason She Stays Young
Most women want to look younger. Here is a womanwho is impossible to guess her age. “I am alwaysthankful for my life.” Park Dong-Eun (PARK),
Park Lee Dahye Reporter   2010-09-06
[INTERVIEW] 777 Jackpot
What comes to your mind when you think about casinos? Themovie ‘21,’ in which Harvard students succeed in robbing acasino in Las Vegas? Or L
Sah Kim Hyesun/SeniorReporter   2010-06-06
[ALUMNAE] Write Your Life through Travel
Dana Oh, author of Happy, Enough to Be Mad! says, “If you go to South Africa to see ‘2010 FIFA WORLD CUPSOUTH AFRICA,’ please go to the sple
Kim Jung Jiwon/JuniorReporter   2010-06-06
[PEOPLE] Good Morning Pops, Good Morning English!
"Good good morning GMPers, welcome welcome welcome back to the show. We are so happy to have you back here today!" Is this statement familia
Park Kim Injin/Junior reporter   2010-06-06
[PEOPLE] Good Morning Pops, Good Morning English!
"Good good morning GMPers, welcome welcome welcome back to the show. We are so happy to have you back here today!" Is this statement famil
Park Kim Injin   2010-06-06
[PEOPLE] A Magician of Flower
Then, what if there was a time machine, she would like to go back her Here is a woman who had never seen a movie during her 20s because she
Park Lee Dahye / Junior Report   2010-05-08
[ALUMNAE] Brighten Up Your Dream!
“I think a light can vitalize a space” Jang Youngsun (JANG) smiled. The beautiful harmony of Saekdong (A Korean word which means ‘various c
Sah Kim Hyesun / Senior Report   2010-05-08
[ALUMNAE] Sing Your Dreams, Singer-Songwriter Lala
Are you certain about what you really want to do in the future? If you are not, give attention to this passionate singer-songwriter. She de
Park Kim Injin / Cub Reporter   2010-04-03
[PEOPLE] Chocolatier Who Creates Hand Made Happiness
Sookmyungians who had made handmade chocolates for someone can know how sensitive making handmade chocolates well is...
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Reporter   2010-04-03
[PEOPLE] Say Hello to Culture and Explore
The Division of Culture and Tourism studies in Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU), has already become afamous division of SMU. ...
Sah Kim Hyesun / Cub Reporter   2010-03-09
[ALUMNAE] Brand Shim Sunhye, the Opening Sookmyungian in the Chosun Ilbo
Have you thought ‘I can’t do it,’ or ‘I will never enter the company because I’m a Sookmyungian?’ ......
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Reporter   2010-03-09
[ALUMNAE] Play Me, Click Me, on Canvas
It is natural to misunderstand that the picture of Lee Rim (Lee) is photo, not painting because of the delicacy portrayal...
Park Bae Hyewon / Culture Desk   2009-12-18
[PEOPLE] Peculiar but Plain Entertainment Watcher
Have you seen the movie called Speed Scandal (Gwa-sok Scandal)? In this movie, an entertainment reporter is described asan impudent and pers
Jang Oh Yukyeong / Cub Reporte   2009-12-18
[ALUMNAE] Creative Anyway!
Have you ever heard about creative director? Dictionary meaning of creative director is a position within the advertising, media or entertai
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-11-07
[PEOPLE] Science, Reborn from the Hands of a Translator, Hanum Lee
Hanum Lee (LEE) said he started translation accidentally. It began with therequest of a friend who works in a publishing company, but now hi
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-11-07
[PEOPLE] Advice on Your Wise Card Life
Nowadays, almost everyone uses credit card, including many Sookmyungians. The Sookmyung Times (SMT) in this issue, met Lim Nam Hun of Samsun
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-10-09
[ALUMNAE] She Has Passion, She Is Fashion Designer
Have you ever heard of a dress made of newspapers? A dress made of newspapers was produced to commemorate the opening of bnt ne
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-10-09
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