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[MUSE ON] Slightly Out of Focus
There was a man who lived most of his life in war. He left many masterpieces depicting the cruelty and violence of war. His tool to show w
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-09-08
[GLOBAL REPORT] Golden Days in a Kingdom of Unexpected Treasures, Brunei
My misfortune led to fortune. Applying to be an exchange student, I never expected to go to Brunei. I applied for a university located in
Jeong Dahae   2013-09-08
[WE.R.IN] Restricted Screening, the Moebius Strip
All films released in Korean theaters are rated into the five categories. Among the categories, “Restricted Screening” became a hot potato i
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2013-09-07
[EXPERIENCE] Can Early Bird Really Catch the Worm?
Waking up late every morning just before class starts and studying or playing all night – this may be the ordinary lifeof university s
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-09-05
[MUSE ON] Love Actually
I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out,I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich,I love that you get a litt
Yoon Han Eunjung   2013-06-09
[FORMER ARTICLES] The Way We Enjoy University Festivals!
Last month, it was the season of university festivals in Korea. There is a certain image that reminds Koreans when we think of it, singers,
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-06-09
[SMTRACING] Gardens, Guarded from Use?
Before entering university, what is the typical picture of a university life in one’s imagination? Have you perhaps imagined Robin Williams
Yi Sohn Joonyoung   2013-06-09
[MAPGAZINE] Don't Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Rest
Pakistan : Sharif, Appearance of New GovernmentLAHORE, Pakistan — Nawaz Sharif declared victory for his centerright party in Pakistan’
Kim Lee Charmseul   2013-06-05
[EXPERIENCE] Alone, the Real Happiness to Us?
“I eat dinner alone, I walk alone, and I watch a movie alone.” This is a famous song named “Alone” by K-pop girl group SISTAR. In this son
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-06-05
[WE.R.IN] Extra-Credits for Mothers, Would It Be Beneficial?
Once in Korea, there was a heated debate about whether it is appropriate to give extra credits for men who served in the military. Some sup
Lee Yi Yerim   2013-06-05
[SMTRACING] Globalization of SMU, Lights or Shadows
Attending an English lecture in Korea. Being friends with foreign students in Korea. It is not difficult if you are a Sookmyungian. Sookmyun
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-05-09
[FORMER ARTICLES] Korean Peninsula, Nervous or Indifferent?
From the 1950’s Korean War, the Korean Peninsula separated North and South. And for the peaceful relation and reunification, during over 60
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-05-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] Aloha Hawaii!
“Are you going there to study, not for a vacation?” My friends asked the question again and again. This is because of the fact that Hawaii
Choi Jisu   2013-05-06
[SPECIAL REPORTS] Two ‘P’s for Your Peace
The best inventor, Thomas Edison, was kicked out of school after only 3 months. Albert Einstein, who presented the principle of relativity,
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2013-05-06
[MUSE ON] The Magical World of Paper Engineering !
Because today many movies are made three-dimensional (3D), you may have watched 3D movies at least once with special glasses.What did you fe
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-05-06
[MAPGAZINE] The Loss of the 'Iron Lady'
United Kingdom : Margaret Thatcher, Former British Prime Minister, DiedMargaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” of British politics, died on Monda
Noh Lim Hyelin, Lee Yi Yerim   2013-05-05
[EXPERIENCE] Going Abroad by Subway
Salah, eating a Mooncake baked in China, and buying foods and necessaries from the Philipppines in Seoul. Doesn’t it sound weird? But it’s n
KIm Jo Dana   2013-05-05
[WE.R.IN] State Scholarship, Does it Go for You?
Do you know about the State Scholarship? In 2012, the Korean Government began this policy for university students who are worried about the
Kim Lee Charmseul   2013-05-05
[SMTRACING] Crowded 1st Campus, Quiet 2nd Campus?
We Have Two CampusesWith a crosswalk at the center, there are two SMU campuses on the left and right side. The 1st campus is on the left sid
Yoon Han Eunjung   2013-04-07
[FORMER ARTICLES] Dating Rules, No International Borders
While you laugh at a well-dressed awkward couple on a blind date, sitting in a restaurant not saying a single word, you secretly realize tha
Yi Sohn Joonyoung   2013-04-07
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