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[EXPERIENCE] A Day Trip for a Busy You
A girl holding a camera takes a photo of a beautiful temple. Soon she sits down on a bench to soak in the sun with her eyes closed. Is she o
Park Kang Sieun   2016-03-11
[EXPERIENCE] Becoming An One Day Artist
When you hear the phrase ‘handcrafted artwork,’ what comes to mind? In the past, handcrafted artwork was a field restricted to professional
Kim Oh Jieun   2016-03-06
[MUSE ON] History of a Nation, the Korean Postage Stamp Museum
t one time, the collections were a popular hobby for most boys and girls, and they learnt about different subject matter through the method.
Park Kang Sieun   2016-03-05
[WE.R.IN] Bar Exam Abolition, Gains and Losses
Recently, the idea of abolishing the bar exam has become a topic of hot debate among students dreaming of becoming judicial officers. With t
Park Kang Sieun   2016-03-05
[SPECIAL REPORTS] Korean Studies Around the World
'I'll sever part of the long Lunar calendar November and keep it wound up under the quilt of the warm spring wind. Later, on a night
Kim Oh Jieun   2016-03-05
[SMTRACING] Only for Sookmyungians, Sookmyung Honors Program
What comes to mind first when you think of Sookmyung Women’s university as Sookmyungians? While some may say snowflake, the colour blue, a b
Kim Seol Jieun   2016-03-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] The Place I Call My Treasure Island Coe College
I lived in the United States for two semesters as an exchange student. I had a fabulous time at Coe College (Coe), and it’s my pleasure to s
Won Johee   2016-03-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] GERMANY, The Best Choice I Made at University
After completing my fourth semester of school, I wondered how to best improve myself. I came across the exchange student program on our univ
Lee Hyemin   2015-12-06
[MUSE ON] Kimchi, Korean Can Not Live Without It
For over 3,000 years, there has been one dish that has accompanied every family’s meal in Korea. Still, from region to region, it has been p
Oh Lee Sumin   2015-12-06
[SMTRACING] Bonjour! Sookmyung, My Friend
2015, 2016, and 130, what is the connection among these numbers? Need a hint? They are all related to France. Korea and France have enjoyed
Chang Chun Heejin   2015-12-04
[EXPERIENCE] Get Physical to Think Brighter
Doing assignments, group projects, and other school related things are considered heavy burdens by students as they take students’ precious
Chang Chun Heejin   2015-12-04
[WE.R.IN] External Activities, Blooming Flowers or Poisoned Weeds?
Nowadays, most first year students ponder whether or not to participate in off-campus activities. They are undecided because they cannot gua
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-11-23
[MUSE ON] Firsthand Art Experience, Alive Museum
Have you ever seen Night at the Museum? In that movie, every night, all museum pieces come to life. You are probably thinking that it is imp
Kim Oh Jieun   2015-10-26
[SMTRACING] Sookmyung’s Admissions Process A to Z
Can you recall the day you received your acceptance into Sookmyung Women’s University? Every student who truly feels like a Sookmyungian wil
Kim Rey Yeeun   2015-10-12
[EXPERIENCE] The Greatest Way to See the World Widely and Deeply
John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States of America. Most people might know that, but did you know he had a unique habit
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-10-12
[GLOBAL REPORT] Life at UC Davis, the Opportunity of a Life
Hello Sookmyungians. I am a student from the Department of Education who went to University of California, Davis for half a year; i.e., the
Park Jiyoung   2015-10-11
[EXPERIENCE] A Bright Light for Students Living on Their Own
“Come visit my bachelor’s apartment. I’ll cook you a delicious meal.” Recently, Sumin, SMT reporter received this message from friend who is
Oh Lee Sumin   2015-10-10
[WE.R.IN] No KIds Zone; Include or Exclude, that is the Question
Every day people see various signs that ban things. ‘No Pets Allowed’ and ‘No Bicycles Allowed’ are a couple of common ones that you might s
Kim Rey Yeeun   2015-10-10
[SMTRACING] Facilities Showing Invisible Help from Alumnae
The right hand doesn’t know what left hand did. Undergraduate students may not feel much connection to previous alumnae. However, currently
Chang Chun Heejin   2015-10-09
[MUSE ON] Most Respected Place in Korea
Have you ever read The Suffering of Two Generations? It’s a famous Korean famous literature book. Park Mando, a soldier during the Japanese
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-10-08
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