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[ON SMU] Sookmyung Honors Program Had a Briefing Session
The first Honors program briefing session was held in the Career Development Center on September 1. At this session, around 20 members of th
Kim Chung Jinyong / Cub Report   2010-10-06
[ON SMU] ROTC Tinged with Blue Power
After competition of seven Women’s University, Ministry of National Defense selected SMU as a model university on September 14. End of three
Byun ji Geunah / Reporter   2010-10-06
[ON SMU] How to Draw the Universe into Your Heart
The universe always has secrets people deeply wonder about. Here are girls who study the secretsand draw the universe in front of them. The
Park Lee Dahye / Reporter   2010-10-06
[ON SMU] House of the Style Han
2010 to 2012 is VISIT KOREA YEAR. The meaning of this project is to show the real traditional image of Korea to foreigners. For that reason
Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter   2010-10-05
[ON SMU] Sookmyung Reaches to Senegal
SMU decided to donate educational commodities to educational facilities. SMU is now trying to diversify its’ way of helping, by commodity ai
Kim Chung Jin Yong / Cub Repor   2010-09-07
[ON SMU] E-Biz Training for Developing Countries' Women
E-Biz training for businesswomen and women policy makers of developing countries held its’opening ceremony on August 4 at Centennial Hall. T
Kim Chung Jin Yong   2010-09-07
[ON SMU] The Installment Plan for Paying Tuition
SMU allows students to pay tuition in two installments. This plan started this semester for enrolled students except freshmen in their secon
Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter   2010-09-05
[ON SMU] Admission Requirements for Sookmyung Families
SMU held a briefing session on its admission requirements on August 7 in Centennial Hall. From August 2 to 7, SMU accepted applications from
Byun Ji Geunah / Reporter   2010-09-05
[ON SMU] It Is Designed by Sookmyungian
THE CHANGE, the 42nd Student Government notified ‘Sookmyung Tshirt Design Contest’ on April 29. The closing date of the application was on M
Park Kim Injin/Jnior Reporter   2010-06-03
[ON SMU] Writing Contest at Sookmyung
On May 8, there was a writing contest for the students of Sookmyung afterschool program at SMU. Every May, seven institutes and Sookmyung Un
Byun Ji Geunah/Cub Reporter   2010-06-03
[ON SMU] Donation of Daehan Empire Relics to Sookmyung
On May 6, Cha Gil-Jin (CHA), the president of Hooam Future Institute, donated three pictures of the Daehan imperial families and a folding p
Byun Ji Geunah/Cup Reporter   2010-06-03
[ON SMU] Special Meeting with Eugenia Sun Hee Kim
On April 30, in the World Women’s Literature Center (WOWLIC) of the Main Library, there was a specialmeeting with Eugenia Sun Hee Kim, a not
Park Lee Dahye/Junior Reporter   2010-06-03
[ON SMU] Sookmyungians Went to the Korea Military Academy
PHOTO FROM PUBLIC RELATIONS On March 26, for the first time, 30 people of Sookmyung Student Ambassador and S.ing went to the Korea Military
Byun Ji Geunah / Cub Reporter   2010-05-08
[ON SMU] Romantic Sound of Sookmyung
PHOTO BY JW Sookmyung’s visiting concert for freshmen was held on March 31 in the Main Library 1st floor lobby. It was running with the part
Kim Jung Jiwon / Junior Report   2010-05-08
[ON SMU] Sookmyung Green Day Events
PHOTO BY GA Sookmyung Environment Volunteer Green Snow hosted ‘Sookmyung Green Day’ on April 3, attended by 85 students. At 9 AM the partici
Byun Ji Geunah / Cub Reporter   2010-05-08
[ON SMU] As a Model of Exchange Programs for Asian Students
PHOTO FROM PUBLIC RELATIONS Last February, there was a contest for the proposal that suggested an exchange program for Korean, Chinese, and
Park Lee Dahye / Junior Report   2010-05-08
[ON SMU] Employment Clinic Festival Held in Sookmyung
Career Development Center (CADE Center) has offered 130 graduate students an Employment Clinic Festival last October and November. The 130 p
Park Kim Injin / Cub Reporter   2010-04-06
[ON SMU] Expansion of Supporting 2010 Global Explore
SMU enlarged the support fund for enrolled students to develop global capabilities and to propel the internationalization of each major. The
Kim Jung Jiwon / Cub Reporter   2010-04-06
[ON SMU] Open the Used Book Market for Sookmyungians
From March 9 to 10, 2010, the used book market was held in a square in front of Queen Sunheon Building. This is the first time to open such
Park Lee Dahye / Cub Reporter   2010-04-06
[ON SMU] A Beautiful Sharing of Knowledge in SMU
YL-TESOL volunteer project of SMU was begun at the end of 2008 to answer several converging needs of Seoul’s educational and social landscap
Sah Kim Hyesun / Reporter   2010-04-06
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