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[ON SMU] Welcome to Sookmyung! Well Done in Sookmyung!
From February 1 to 6 in 2010, SMU held culture exchange camp in campus with 20 students of Ha Long Bay gifted high school in Viet Nam. The c
Park Bae Hyewon / Culture Desk   2010-03-09
[ON SMU] Broaden Your Experience with the Abroad Program
In 2009 winter vacation, more various abroad exchange programs were presented. SMU provided these programs and awarded scholarships to all p
Park Bae Hyewon / Culture Desk   2010-03-09
[ON SMU] The First Step of a New Department in SMU
The School of Global Service, newly founded by SMU in 2010, made a good start to welcome its 43 new students. The school is determined to se
Sah Kim Hyesun / Cub Reporter   2010-03-09
[ON SMU] New and Exciting Moment at SMU
Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) held an entrance ceremony in Olympic Hall for celebrating new Sookmyungians. Freshmen were excited about
Sah Kim Hyesun / Cub Reporter   2010-03-09
[ON SMU] Sookmyungians, Be Prepared to Become Butterflies
On November 5, a leadership special lecture of President Young Sil Han was held at Queen Sunheon Building room 511. The lecture’s subject wa
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Reporter   2009-12-18
[ON SMU] The Gala Day of Sookmyung
On November 12, the 54th commemorative ceremony of the first edition of Sookdaeshinbo and the 37th of the Sookmyung Times was held in Hansan
Hong Lee Minji / Cub Reporter   2009-12-18
[ON SMU] Debate World in Sookmyung
On, November, 14, 2009, the winners of Reading & Debating tournament received prize. The tournament was held as cosponsored by SMU and Kyobo
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-12-17
[ON SMU] KOTRA Is on Recruiting
On November 5, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) visited SMU for informing Sookmyungians about 2010 recruitment. After wat
Sah Kim Hyesun   2009-12-17
[ON SMU] A Special Lecture by Professor Bluth from University of Leeds
On November 4, 2009, a special lecture by Christoph Bluth, a professor from the School of Politics and International Studies at the Universi
Jang Oh Yukyeong   2009-12-17
[ON SMU] A Bazaar, Happiness of Sharing
From November 10 to 12, the 9th Sookmyung love brimful bazaar sponsored by Office of Social Services was held at 2nd floor, Multi-purpose Ha
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-12-17
[ON SMU] Visiting Sookmyung's Family in Laws
PHOTO BY HW From October 15, 2009 to November, 30, special bequest exhibition of Poongsan Hong’s Family is held in Sookmyung Women’s Univers
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-11-07
[ON SMU] You Are the Pride of Sookmyung
On October 13, the ceremony of the honor prize of asemester was held in the Samsung ConventionCenter which is located on the second floor of
Hong Lee Minji   2009-11-07
[ON SMU] IT Machinery Aid from Samsung to come true Kim's Dreams
On October 9, a ceremony for delivering IT assisting machinery for Kim Kyungmin (KIM), who is a visuallyhandicapped and undergraduate in the
Jang Oh Yukyeong   2009-11-05
[ON SMU] Free for Sookmyungians
On September 16, CHANGE, the 41st student government, tooled up a cellular phone battery charger and a copying machine in front of the Stude
Hong Lee Minji   2009-11-05
[ON SMU] Korean Culture, from Sookmyung to the World
On September 14, President Young Sil Han visited and made an agreement on ‘Learning Interchanges’ with Yunnan University (YU) located in Yun
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-11-05
[ON SMU] International Symposium at Sookmyung
On August 31 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, theInternational Symposium on ‘Safe and Trusted ICT/Internet Use Actions Against Internet Misuse’ was
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-10-09
[ON SMU] Brand New Semester with Brand New Main Entrance
The view of the main entrance in SookmyungWomen’s University(SMU) is changed. TheMaintenance Service Center stated it was forimproving the e
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-10-09
[ON SMU] Sookmyungians to Stanford
The Office of Public Relations of SMU released news about ‘Sookmyung Global Honors Program at Stanford.’ The program support students to rec
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-10-09
[ON SMU] Sookmyung Dealing with H1N1
As the H1N1 flu virus has spread in , SMU is also striving to prevent spread of the flu virus. Academic Affairs Services of SMU reported a p
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-10-09
[ON SMU] Listen to Brunch in Sookmyung
In 6, October, 2009 3, Septembere and 5, December, Sookmyung Brunch Concert is going to be held on Theater S in Renascence Plaza, Sookmyung
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-10-09
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