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[ON SMU] Stylish and Edgy Scarf Magic of Yoongi jung
On September 15, HERMES Silk Scarf Styling Class of stylist Yoongi Jung was held in Gemma Hall from 4 to 6 PM. Jung made to know various sil
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-10-09
[ON SMU] A Newly Furnished Sookmyung
SMU is trying to promote the welfare of the Sookmyungians. FromJuly 13 to 30, a shower room for students which has two showerbaths was built
Park Kim Haena   2009-09-12
[ON SMU] Global Leaders, Approaching UN
Chun Hae Kyeong of the Department of French Language andLiterature and Lee Young Hyun from the Department of PublicRelations and Advertising
Park Kim Haena   2009-09-12
[ON SMU] Toward the University at Which Every Student Is Happy
On July 2, students with physical disabilities and students volunteering to assist them met at Cafe Blueberry in the Student Unionto make pr
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-09-08
[ON SMU] Sookmyung Welcoming Foreign Friends
On August 13, orientation, campus tour and welcome party were held for students who participated in ‘Summer School on Korean Language and Cu
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-09-07
[ON SMU] Next Global Leader, Go Ahead with S Leadership Youth Camp
From August 1 to 2, 2009, the 5th S Leadership Youth Camp was held in the Samsung Convention Center, the 5th floor lecture rooms in Centenni
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-09-07
[ON SMU] Poet—Invisible Representative for Minorities
On April 30, 2009, in room B101 in the Veritas building, Natasha Trethewey gave a lecture on the subject of ‘Poetry and History—Insigh
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-06-04
[ON SMU] Sookmyungian’s Opinions Represented through Contests
From May 6 to May 19, the 8th Sookmyung Debating Contest was held, which was sponsored by the SMUCommunication Development Center. According
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-06-04
[ON SMU] Real Multiplayer at Sookmyung
On May 11, 2009 a special lecture was given by Hyo-eun Kim of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Ambassador for Climate Change and t
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-06-04
[ON SMU] Enjoying University Life through Festival
From May 13 to 15, 2009 SMU’s semester festival, Cheong-pa-je was held. During the festival, programs sponsored by CHANGE, the 41st student
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-06-04
[ON SMU] Letter of Hope to Sookmyung
On March 7, 2009, Parliament Chairman Kim Hyong-Oh‘s invitation lecture was held in the Han Sang-Eun Lounge in Centennial Hall. His talk, ba
Park Kim Haena   2009-06-04
[ON SMU] Suppot from Government
On April 20, 2009, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology selected Korean universities and colleges which had obtained excellent
Park Kim Haena   2009-06-04
[ON SMU] Leadership Strengthening Course, Vision School
From March 27 to 28, 2009, in Centennial Hall, a Leadership Workshop for Sookmyungians was held. The workshop took place over two days, from
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2009-05-13
[ON SMU] Special Lecture for the Beauty of Sookmyungians
On March 26, ‘Style Orientation’, sponsored by VOGUE GIRL, was held in theSamsungConvention Centerin Centennial Hall. More than one hundred
Shin Won Sora   2009-05-13
[ON SMU] Thank you for making Sookmyungians
On April 2, 2009, in the Samsung Convention Center in Centennial Hall, a ‘Visit Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) Day’ was held from 2p.m.
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-05-10
[ON SMU] Music, a Gift for Freshmen
On March 26, Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) presented a "Concert for freshmen" performed by the Sookmyung String Ensemble. All performa
Park Kim Haena   2009-05-09
[ON SMU] Television Kid, Living as a Pop-Art Critic
On April 4, 14th regular invitation lecture – ‘My life, my literature’ was held in Gemma Hall from A.M. 11:00 to A.M.12:40. This lectu
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-05-08
[ON SMU] Improve Your English Reading Skill with President
On March 29, 2009 from P.M. 4:30 the first English public reading: ‘English Public Reading with President’ was held at the Study Lounge situ
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-05-08
[ON SMU] Refresh Yourself in a New Space in the Library
On March 4, the ‘English Reading Garden’ was opened on the 1st floor of Sookmyung Women’s University Library. The first floor is easy to ac
Park Kim Haena   2009-04-04
[ON SMU] Sunshine on Sookmyung
From 4 to 5 March, 2009, Sookmyung Women’s University’s (SMU) the first ‘Haeoreum Festival’ was held. This ‘Haeoreum Festival’ was as the ..
Park Bae Hyewon   2009-04-04
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