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[SOCIETY] Losing Conscience Rentals by Lack of Conscious
Imagine yourself exiting the subway station to meet your friend. Suddenly you notice it is raining and realize you don’t have an umbrella.
Lee Yi Yerim   2013-10-05
[SOCIETY] Looking for a Scientist Reading a Philosophy Book
What do you think when you see ‘5!’? If you think of the number 5 and exclamation mark (!), you are a liberal arts major. And if you think o
Kim Jo Dana   2013-06-04
[SOCIETY] Is Here Campus or a Department Store?
A cup of coffee, buying new clothes, painting the nails, and going to the hair salon. Where? Right on campus! We usually think these activit
Kim Jo Dana   2013-05-06
[SOCIETY] Off-campus Activities, Spec or Unwaged Part-time Job ?
1500:1, it’s not the competition rate of a large company. It’s the rate for the people who are gathered to be ‘How to Live Smart supporters’
Kim Jo Dana   2013-03-09
[SOCIETY] Mouth and Fingers Cannot Change the World
Taking place on December 19, the presidential election is only a month away. Only people over the age of 19 are eligible to vote. Through an
Kim Jo Dana   2012-12-05
[SOCIETY] Bystanders, the Second Criminal
Like the “Subway line 1 woman who spoke rough words to the elderly,” or the “Bundang Line Smoking Woman,” we can easily find the videos of b
Kim Jo Dana   2012-10-12
[SOCIETY] Mrs. Kim Who is to Blame?
‘Mrs. Kim.' It is the word that means women who are unskilled at driving so that they causedaccidents. This word has been disputed whether
Kim Jo Dana / Reporter   2012-09-09
[SOCIETY] What Grade Did You Get?
“What is a high-rated movie these days?” When you go out to watch a movie, this may be the first word with your friend. Nowadays, the ratin
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-05-05
[SOCIETY] What is Creativity?
When you first enter the university, you might see hundreds of advertisements looking for a person. The person should be active, passionate
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-04-10
[SOCIETY] Think, Act Differently from Others
Im Mi-na, CEO of I-Ro Style, achieved sustainable growth in her career. At first, she started her business with just one hundred thousand w
Kim Chung Jin Yong   2012-04-09
[SOCIETY] What Is Creativity?
When you first enter university, you might see hundreds of advertisements looking for a person. The person should be active, passionate, bu
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-04-07
[SOCIETY] What Should A Senior-Junior Relationship Be Like?
On the first day of a club activity, you are educated to greet senior members politely. Whenever with them, you become tense and can’t talk
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-03-14
[SOCIETY] “Buffett Rule,” Will It Rule the Polarization of Wealth?
“While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to
Kim Chung Jin Yong   2012-03-14
[SOCIETY] Are You Really Certain?
One day, you heard one of your friends is living with her boyfriend. What do you think at first? The answer will be divided into two types.
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-03-14
[SOCIETY] The Closest to the Moon, Therefore, Most Beautiful Daldongnae
Where does the name Daldongnae (Moon town in Korean) come from? The name Daldongnae is for a town where poor people gather, live together an
Kim Chung Jinyong   2011-11-07
[SOCIETY] When Can We Dream a Dream?
When we were young we expected for what will be appear before sleeping. However, these days, nost children just repeat a routine that is de
Kim Jang Sooyoung / Reporter   2011-09-14
[SOCIETY] Home, My Sweet Home
You must attend MT (Membership Training), buy your household items at a one thousand won market, and be a friend of canned food. Can you gue
Kim Chung Jinyong / Reporter   2011-06-06
[SOCIETY] Dead Humanities' Society
Michael Crichton wrote in the novel Time Line, “Human made an incredible scientific achievement for the last 2 centuries, but the studies of
Kim Chung Jinjoung   2011-04-07
[SOCIETY] Touch Me, Not Machine
Touch function has existed for a long time. Only personal usage has a short history. It was mainly used at museums’ guiding machines, banks’
Kim Chung Jinyong / Reporter   2011-03-07
[SOCIETY] Are You Really ALONE?
One day, what would you do if you were left at home alone with no one? In the movie, Home Alone (1990), it showed an interesting story...
Park Lee Dahye   2010-11-05
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