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[EXPERIENCE] Times Falling in Love with Korean Tradition
Have you ever seen a Korean historical drama? You will likely have noticed that they all contain a king, his ministers, and a palace. Most K
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-28
[SMTRACING] Welcome, First Times in CROSS Campus?
Pew Pew, Capstone Design, Monday Food Talk, and Red Fan, Blue Fan. These names are probably quite familiar to many Sookmyungians. However, w
Kim Ma Seunghee   2019-03-27
[WE.R.IN] Mandatory Installation of CCTV Cameras in Operating Rooms
Starting October 2018, a trial of CCTV cameras in operating rooms was conducted over a 3-month period at Anseong Hospital in Gyeonggi Provin
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-04
[MUSE ON] Everything about Tintin
Bonjour, Sookmyungians! I’m Tintin, a news reporter from Belgium. I have had many adventures while traveling around the world. Oh, this is m
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-03
[GLOBAL REPORT] The Best Chance Ever at Sookmyung, COE COLLEGE
As a first year student at Sookymung, I sometimes wrote a bucket list in my diary. At the time, I had about 50 wishes. At the top of the lis
Kim Jieun   2019-03-03
[REPORT] Salutation
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-03
[EXPERIENCE] Sookmyungians’ Condition: Living Without Waste
Each semester, this SMT reporter starts off her day with a cup of coffee from a café that is typically given in a plastic cup. In the
Kim Ma Seunghee   2019-03-03
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Augmented Reality in the World
Augmented Reality in the World1)Augmented Reality (AR) is advanced virtual reality technology that mimics the images in the real world by ad
Oh Kim Youbin   2019-03-01
[FORMAL ARTICLES] The Conflict Surrounding Carpooling
The Conflict Surrounding Carpooling1)On January 9, 2019, a fire broke out in a taxi near Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul. Police and fire author
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-01
[SPECIAL REPORTS] When Our Memories Become Beautiful Stories
In the yearbook that you find accidentally while cleaning your room, you will have likely noticed a lot of faces you haven’t seen for a long
Kim Shin Hyerin, Oh Kim Youbin   2019-03-01
[SMTRACING] Knowledge Is Benefit
Whenever grades are released, students in school communities question which scholarships they qualify for, and most students do not have the
Oh Kim Youbin   2019-03-01
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Café: Disposable Free Zone
Café: Disposable Free Zone1)China announced that it would not accept disposable waste from other countries starting from last year. T
Kim Ma Seunghee   2018-12-08
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Under the Name of Woman
Under the Name of WomanNational holidays such as Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day) and Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day) have a deep meaning in
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-12-08
[REPORT] Girl Power
Kim Ma Seunghee   2018-12-08
[GLOBAL REPORT] Goal to Live as an American
I spent my high school years in the Philippines hanging out with Korean friends because I feared being alone in the foreign environment. To
Lee Sophye   2018-12-07
“And the award goes to...!” It is December, the last month of the year, and the time for award ceremonies. The Sookmyung Times also decided
Kim Hong Taeeun, Oh Kim Youbin   2018-12-07
[EXPERIENCE] Under the Moonlight, In the Heart of the City, Deoksugung
Surrounded by city lights, busily moving cars, and people stands a beautiful piece of history. Deoksugung, as beautiful as it is, was once g
Kim Hong Taeeun   2018-12-07
[SMTRACING] The Sookchelin Guide
Knitted brows, eyes glued to the phone, the thumb slowly scrolling down through pages on the phone display when suddenly the sound of one’s
Kim Lee Jihyun   2018-12-06
[MUSE ON] Sight with Insight
Do you know the artwork ? It’s a painting of two men playing ssireum, Korean wrestling, and the audience is shown enjoying the game by eatin
Song Yoon Heejeong   2018-12-06
[SMTRACING] Smart Sookmyung: True or False?
From electronic attendance to student identification cards, information about reading rooms, DICA and other webpages, everything linked to S
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-10-10
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