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[ON SMU] Presidents – Retirement and Inauguration
On September 10, the 16th Presidential Retirement and the 17th Presidential Inauguration Ceremony was held in the Samsung Convention Center
Cho Ku Yunji   2008-10-07
[ON SMU] Sookmyungians, Do ASK
On September 2, SMU held an International Exchange Program Conference for Sookmyungians who are interested in dual degree or exchange progra
Kee Seong Eunnhye   2008-10-07
[ON SMU] The 60th birthday of Moonshin Art
Moonshin Museum at Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) recently celebrated the 60th birthday(1948~2008) of Moonshin’s art. The ‘Moonshin Art
Shin Won Sora   2008-10-07
[ON SMU] The 4th Sookmyung English Debate Competition
The 4th Sookmyung English Debate Competition will be held in October and November. There are two topics in this year’s competition. One is ‘
Lee Jung Seungji   2008-10-07
[ON SMU] Special Card for Sookmyungians
A special discount card for Sookmyungians has been created by the 40th Student Government, MUV. When Sookmyungians use it, they can get some
Kim Lee Kyunghee   2008-10-06
[ON SMU] SMU Falls in Love with European Literature
Autumn has come, and naturally we call this season ‘the season of reading a book.’ Greeting this special season, for both Sookmyungians and
Kim Lee Kyunghee   2008-10-06
[ON SMU] Sookmyung's Polifessor Returns Dishonorbly
Sookmyungians may have heard the word ‘polifessor’ (a compound of ‘politics’ and ‘professor’) at least once. Such professors generally affec
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2008-09-06
[ON SMU] Good Bye Sookmyung! - A Step toward Another World
On August 25, the commencement ceremony for the academic year of the latter 2007 was held in the Grand Auditorium, SMU. 604 students who too
Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자   2008-09-06
[ON SMU] Prof. Han Young-sil Elected as the Next President
Professor of food and nutrition, Han Young-sil (Han) was selected as the 17th President of Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU), following the
Kee Seong Eun-hye   2008-09-05
[ON SMU] New Cultural Space, ‘Theater S’ opened
‘Theater S,’ opened at Renaissance Plaza on August 21, staging Musical Hamlet first. Before than, it was called ‘Sookmyung Art Center’ and h
Kee Seong Eun-hye   2008-09-05
[ON SMU] Camp for Learning Leadership of the Sea
On August 20, 60 Sookmyuungians of leadership groups set out to the Naval Academy in Jinhae for four days and three nights. On the first day
Shin Won So-ra   2008-09-04
[ON SMU] A New Dormitory for Sookmyungians
At last, the new university dormitory has opened in the second semester of 2008. Since the former dorm was closed in December 2006, it has t
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2008-09-03
[ON SMU] Celebrating Special Ceremony for Sookmyungians
On May 8, a celebration of coming-of-age and a gratitude ceremony for parents were held in Immanuel Hall on the Renaissance Plaza.
Hong Han Mun-hee   2008-06-08
[ON SMU] Traveling to Japanese Day
On May 8, Japanese day was held in Gemma Hall and the Renaissance Plaza. This event included a lecture by the Japanese Ambassador to Korea e
Hong Han Mun-hee   2008-06-08
[ON SMU] Welcome Seniors, Thank You Seniors
The 102nd anniversary of the founding of SMU was held in the Samsung Convention Hall of Centennial Hall on May 21. It started at 11 A.M. and
Kim Lee Song-min   2008-06-08
[ON SMU] Initiating you into the secrets of travel!
The 2008 Study & Travel Fair was held under the sponsorship of the Student Service Center at SMU from the 29 to the 30 of April. It was set
Kim Lee Song-min   2008-06-08
[ON SMU] Getting Rid of Stress by Cheering
The 18th Sookmyung Great Cheering Festival was held in front of the Queen Sunheon Building on May 16 at 6 P.M.. Many cheering parties includ
Seo Lee Yun-ju   2008-06-05
[ON SMU] Social Gathering with Sookmyungians
A Social gathering was held in Samsung Convention Center on May 20, near the end of this term. A lot of students, including Sookmyung Leader
Seo Lee Yun-ju   2008-06-05
[ON SMU] Improve Your Resume through SMU Special Program
A one-on-one program of consultations on written job applications was held from April 14 to 18 in room 504 of the Veritas Building. It was a
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2008-05-10
[ON SMU] Gentle Power to Move SMU
On the morning of April 11, a special speech was held in room 101 of the SuRyon Faculty Building, This speech was matched SMU’s motto, ‘Gent
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2008-05-10
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