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[ON SMU] Design Is Loving Others [새창] Kim Lee Kyung-hee 2007-11-05
[ON SMU] Exercise for Your Well-being Life [새창] Kim Lee Kyung-hee 2007-11-05
[ON SMU] Communication Time through Sookmyungians [새창] Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자 2007-11-05
[ON SMU] For the Young Who Want to Be CEOs [새창] Kee Seong Eun-hye 2007-11-05
[ON SMU] Opportunity for Understanding Serbian Art [새창] Shin Won So-ra 2007-11-02
[ON SMU] Who Is Ready and Prepared for the Future? [새창] Kee Seong Eun-hye 2007-10-03
[ON SMU] Reading Debate Competition : considering the individual freedom and community. [새창] Lee Jung Seung-ji 2007-10-03
[ON SMU] 'High Risk, High Return' [새창] Cho Ku Yun-ji 2007-10-02
[ON SMU] The Way to Global Women Leader [새창] Kim Lee Kyung hee 2007-10-02
[ON SMU] To Become a Good Communicator [새창] Kim Lee Kyung hee 2007-10-02
[ON SMU] Who Will Be the Next Recruit? [새창] Shin Won So-ra 2007-09-28
[ON SMU] The Last Memory of Sookmyung [새창] Kee Seong Eun-hye 2007-09-11
[ON SMU] Go with Your English Consultant [새창] Lee Jung Seung-ji 2007-09-11
[ON SMU] East Asian Literature Travel on Campus [새창] Kim Lee Kyung-hee 2007-09-11
[ON SMU] Sookmyungian-Only Community [새창] Cho Ku Yun-ji 2007-09-11
[ON SMU] Camp for Becoming a Global S Leader [새창] Shin Won So-ra 2007-09-11
[ON SMU] Step forward a Leader through Leadership Camp [새창] An Lee Jung-un 2007-09-10
[ON SMU] Reunification or Not [새창] Yoo Kang Hyun-ji 2007-06-21
[ON SMU] Korean Sea’s Principal Say Leadership [새창] Yoo Kang Hyun-ji 2007-06-21
[ON SMU] Ardent Cheering in the Pouring Rain [새창] Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung 기자 2007-06-21
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