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[FORMER ARTICLES] Implantable Contact Lenses
In ancient times, people could see really tiny things far away; however a person of the present age can't even see letters in a newspaper. F
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[WE.R.IN] Free-lancer
Some day ago, an announcer made it known about his voluntary resignation and expressed his will to become a free-lancer. Likewise, an entert
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[MUSE ON] Things as They Are
The "50 Years World Press Photo" exhibition was held from February 9 to March 12 at the Seoul Gallery in the Press Center. To enhance the sp
Yun Jung Ji-hye 기자   2007-04-06
[REPORT] How Do You Study for the Exam?
1. How far in advance of the exam is study done? 1) 2‐3 days 2) 1 week 3) 2 weeks 4) 1 month 2. Where do you do most of your study? 1)
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[MAPGAZINE] History Changeable, Looking through Culture
Peter Ferdinand Drucker, an authority of business administration, said, “In the twenty‐first century, victory and defeat will be decid
Moon Ji-Young   2007-04-06
[REPORT] Living as an intern – Gia Kim
She said, “You’re late. I want an Americano coffee,” with a smile. Gia Kim, one of Sookmyungaians, who possesses an open-mind and spectacula
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-04-06
[REPORT] Feminism―A Man’s View
There is a man who has been busy publishing two books on feminism and giving a number of lectures on it, too. This time, the Sookmyung Times
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-04-06
[SPECIAL REPORTS] ASIA in the Borderless village, Wongokbon - dong
There are many foreign laborers in Korea and the media deals with their news in a negative or sad way. Some Korean people think a foreigner’
An Lee Jung-un   2007-04-06
[WE.R.IN] Are Funds a General Trend for Students?
Recently, not only common people, but also university students are interested in funds. Although students have little money, they have joine
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-03-26
[MUSE ON] Temporary Technology in Art
Do you think there are some correlations between hacking and art? There is a remarkable exhibition where various things are displayed as a r
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-03-26
[FORMER ARTICLES] Who Lives in a World of Paper Money?
The Controversy of New Money Design in Korea Following the floatation of the 5000 won unit of paper money and the discussion of its design a
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-03-26
The wind is blowing softly as if it were spring, although the season is winter. The uncomfortable seat in economy is forgotten as soon as we
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-03-26
[REPORT] Let's Go Together with Troika
Do you remember the performance of the violin on the last November cold day? Or, do you recollect somebody giving students a ride in a wagon
Yun Jung Ji-hye   2007-03-26
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