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[WOMAN] For Whom Is This Study Intended?
In our society, women’ s studies is losing its power rapidly. It is expected somewhat in the reality that the women’s position has changed
Lim Lee Hyungsun / Reporter   2011-11-08
[WOMAN] The Beauty of Make-up
We are studying continuously not just our major. In Naver blog, we can take a lot of information about our daily life. The most common thing
Kim Ji Hyeeun   2011-10-08
[WOMAN] Fatale, It Can’t Be Avoided
Carmen who was the heroine in the opera, Carmen, written by Vigée, tried to steal the heart of Don-jose who was inattentive to Carmen
Ahn Park Dabom / Reporter   2011-06-06
[WOMAN] Her Story in Her Hair
Once, it became the big issue that Jun Jihyun, the famous actress in Korea would cut her long hair, and her hair was splashed in headlines a
Ahn Park Dabom / Reporter   2011-05-07
[WOMAN] Her Name Was 'Mother'
“Mother, you give birth to your son and daughter overcoming pain that almost kills you.You just always gathered wild herbs for your daughter
Kim Lee Seeun / Cub Reporter   2011-03-08
[WOMAN] Pretty Boy? Handsome Girls Are Here Now
What is your standard of distinguishing gender? When just looking at them, most of people can easily decide by appearance such as their clot
Park Kim Injin / Reporter   2010-12-05
[WOMAN] Finding Her Story
How much do you know about women figures in the history? How much do you remember? How much do you remember about our mothers’ history and o
Park Kim Injin / Reporter   2010-10-06
[WOMAN] The Pink Diary
The name of the color pink originated from a flower named pink. What do you associate with the color pink? Most of people associate pink wit
Park Kim Injin   2010-09-06
[WOMAN] Come Right in Happy Women Campus, Sookmyung
Seoul City has published the slogan “Happy Women, Happy Seoul” which means if women are happy, everyone ishappy, and promoted a project call
Sah Kim Hyesun / Senior Report   2010-05-08
[WOMAN] Are You Living with a Barbie?
Artificial WomenA Korean movie, Pounds Beauty, showed a woman’s story that underwent a plastic operation and succeeded in losing weight beca
Sah Kim Hyesun / Reporter   2010-04-05
[WOMAN] Father to Daughter
Have you ever imagined your wedding? One of the events which is done in a wedding ceremony is a father and daughter’s march and after that,
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-12-17
[WOMAN] The First and the Present
WOMEN in this issue, The Sookmyung Times is going to report on the History of Women Exhibition Hall and insight found there. Let’s explore!
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-11-05
[WOMAN] Eve, Out of Eden into a Market
Women+Economics=?It’s easy to think that the main groups who lead economy of one country are men as they take many of the leading roles. The
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-09-07
[WOMAN] Challenging Ideas, Changing the World
Who do you think of when you are asked who the great inventors are? You would probably...
Hwang Hong Yuhwa   2009-06-05
[WOMAN] Genuine Leader in the Banknote
Currency has more value than mere exchange. Currency is a tool for representing its nation, and also reflects the characteristics of that co
Kim Lee Kyunghee   2009-04-03
[WOMAN] Goddesses in Every Modern Woman
Old stories and legends have always reflected our subconscious. Ko Hyekyung, the writer of ‘Why the Fairy Left the Woodcutter,’ said “The te
Kim Lee Kyunghee   2009-03-04
[WOMAN] The Pursuit of Beauty Cosmetic
The cosmetic industry is continually changing these days in many aspects; it is used even in medical field. Among them, Psychology of Cosmet
Cho Ku Yunji   2008-10-07
[WOMAN] World's Super Mrs.
During your school years, you learned history for over 12 years. In history class, maybe you tried to memorize major events of each king’s r
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2008-06-08
[WOMAN] What Planet Are You From?
Man and woman have lived together for long time. Firstly they are husband and wife, sometimes they are friends, and sometimes they are enemi
Kim Lee Kyung-hee   2008-05-09
[WOMAN] Ladies Wear Something Special
Clothing has been covered essential part in life as much as food and house. According to definition of Wikipedia, the practical function of
Cho Ku Yun-ji 기자   2008-03-10
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