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[SOCIETY] “Buffett Rule,” Will It Rule the Polarization of Wealth?
“While the poor and middle class fight for us in Afghanistan, and while most Americans struggle to make ends meet, we mega-rich continue to
Kim Chung Jin Yong   2012-03-14
[SOCIETY] Are You Really Certain?
One day, you heard one of your friends is living with her boyfriend. What do you think at first? The answer will be divided into two types.
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-03-14
[SOCIETY] The Closest to the Moon, Therefore, Most Beautiful Daldongnae
Where does the name Daldongnae (Moon town in Korean) come from? The name Daldongnae is for a town where poor people gather, live together an
Kim Chung Jinyong   2011-11-07
[SOCIETY] When Can We Dream a Dream?
When we were young we expected for what will be appear before sleeping. However, these days, nost children just repeat a routine that is de
Kim Jang Sooyoung / Reporter   2011-09-14
[SOCIETY] Home, My Sweet Home
You must attend MT (Membership Training), buy your household items at a one thousand won market, and be a friend of canned food. Can you gue
Kim Chung Jinyong / Reporter   2011-06-06
[SOCIETY] Dead Humanities' Society
Michael Crichton wrote in the novel Time Line, “Human made an incredible scientific achievement for the last 2 centuries, but the studies of
Kim Chung Jinjoung   2011-04-07
[SOCIETY] Touch Me, Not Machine
Touch function has existed for a long time. Only personal usage has a short history. It was mainly used at museums’ guiding machines, banks’
Kim Chung Jinyong / Reporter   2011-03-07
[SOCIETY] Are You Really ALONE?
One day, what would you do if you were left at home alone with no one? In the movie, Home Alone (1990), it showed an interesting story...
Park Lee Dahye   2010-11-05
[SOCIETY] The Taste of Others
WARNING“There are two kinds of people in the world; smokers and non-smokers. There is no halfway measure. You should choose where you will b
Park Lee Dahye / Reporter   2010-10-06
[SOCIETY] df asf adf
About CambodiaThe Kingdom of Cambodia, formerlyknown as Kampuchea, Khmer is a countryin Southeast Asia that borders Thailand tothe west and
rhjkahdkfjad ds   2010-06-02
[SOCIETY] A Society Suggesting Psychology
“Edgy Beauty Bosal (Female Buddhist), solve twisted destiny!” are the main words in the movie, ‘Chungdam Bosal (Sexy Bosal)’ which released
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Senior Rep   2010-05-08
[SOCIETY] Noblesse oblige? No, Everyone Obliges
Lim Yang Yoonjeong / Reporter   2010-03-09
[SOCIETY] Noblesse oblige? No, Everyone Obliges
"I’m a worthless bread lady"“I’m a worthless bread lady.” Mrs. Hwang (46) sends a letter and some donation to a town office asking that they
Lim Yang Yoonjeong / Reporter   2010-03-05
[SOCIETY] Make Green World
The Cause of Climate ChangeThe number of human activities contributes to global warming by adding excessive amounts of greenhouse gases to t
Park Kim Haena   2009-12-17
[SOCIETY] The True Mind in Volunteer Work
Many Sookmyungians are doing volunteer work at least 10 hours a semester. There are various unions of collegestudent volunteer work clubs an
Park Kim Haena   2009-10-09
[SOCIETY] Our Children, Korean + Philippine = Kopino
A problem about children of mixed race continues. Recently, in the Philippines,there are many children left without their fathers. They are
Park Kim Haena   2009-09-09
[SOCIETY] To be Global Media
In some important respects, the media is unique. Unlike other industries, the media deals in ideas, information, and culture. They inform
Park Kim Haena   2009-05-09
[SOCIETY] People Who Focus on Essence Rather Than Just Status Quo
Kim Eunho (1892-1979) was a renowned King’s portraitist living at the end of the Joseon Dynasty who was the most typical collaborator of the
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2009-04-05
[SOCIETY] Korean Diaspora
Lee Jung seungji 기자   2008-12-05
[SOCIETY] Crisis of Global Market in terms of Globalization
U.S. President George W. Bush recently said, “The U.S. economy is faced with an unprecedented challenge, and the world must respond with unp
Lee Jung Seungji   2008-11-09
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