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[MUSE ON] Umbrella of the Citizens
ALL PHOTOS BY KJH Tired of the heavy rainfalls of hardships that life dishes out? Howabout making use of an umbrella? There is a place willi
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-10-06
[MUSE ON] Slightly Out of Focus
There was a man who lived most of his life in war. He left many masterpieces depicting the cruelty and violence of war. His tool to show w
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-09-08
[MUSE ON] Love Actually
I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out,I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich,I love that you get a litt
Yoon Han Eunjung   2013-06-09
[MUSE ON] The Magical World of Paper Engineering !
Because today many movies are made three-dimensional (3D), you may have watched 3D movies at least once with special glasses.What did you fe
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-05-06
[MUSE ON] Can We Open up Your Brain!
When we were young, things such as sand, mirrors, and paper, became our toys. However, as we get aged, we tend to struggle with what we can
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-04-05
[MUSE ON] Tim Burton, the Last and the Best
“With eyes of kids, everything looks new and fresh. It is easy to look things with a unique view. So the feeling and experiences make me t
Kim Jo Dana / Reporter   2013-03-09
[MUSE ON] Van Gogh in Paris : a Dialogue with Modernism
“I decided not to be discouraged and sentimental neglecting works alone. Eating strawberries in spring is part of life, but that lasts only
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-12-05
[MUSE ON] Dialogue between the Past and the Present, Deoksugung Project
As people living in the twenty-first century, we often wonder what the ideal relationship is between past and present. About this question,
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-11-06
[MUSE ON] Are We Estranging the Strange?
We members of the society are on an impossible mission. In a period of time where people are identical to one another as if printed out by
Yi Sohn Joonyoung   2012-10-14
[MUSE ON] Mystery of Creativity With "BRAIN: inside of me"
A special exhibition, BRAIN: Inside of Me, is being shown at the Savina Museum of Contemporary Art in Jongno, Seoul. This exhibition aims t
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-09-08
[MUSE ON] See the World through Cartoons!
Most people find it difficult to appreciate art. Going to a museum is not a normal going out. Seeing paintings and talking about your own fe
Han Kim Jisong   2012-06-09
[MUSE ON] Home is the World
Have you ever seen this odd statue? If you have even once been to TIMESQUARE in Yeoungdeungpo, you would answer yes. The name of this statue
Lim Lee Hyungsun   2012-05-04
[MUSE ON] Be an Artist Yourself
Savina Museum of Contemporary Art is hidden in a narrow ally. At first, you might have an impressionthat there are not many things to watch,
Kim Chung Jinyong   2012-04-08
[MUSE ON] Make News with Doodles
Dan Perjovschi was born in Romania and became a socialism and realismartist. Also, he is an artist who interpret world with simple drawing.
Byun Ji Geunah   2011-11-08
[MUSE ON] French Art Today in Korea
The Fountain by Marcel Duchamp looks like a urinal, no, actually it is a urinal. Everyone who saw this art piece must have the same question
Kim Chung Jinyong   2011-10-09
[MUSE ON] TheWhole Korea on the Street
* All the names of historical places are referred by National Institute of Korean HistoryOne bright Sunday, many television shows entice peo
Sah Kim Hyesn   2011-05-08
[MUSE ON] The Travel into the Picture
What is going to the art museum to you? Seeing the pictures with silence? Or thinking of the meaningsof the pictures differently? There is t
Ahn Park Dabom   2011-04-06
[MUSE ON] Real Toy Story in the Pollala Museum
“You’re past the age of playing with toys.” I still remember that moment when I threw away my toys and dolls that filled my room. Toys were
Park Lee Dahye / Society Desk   2011-03-08
[MUSE ON] 'Inside Paul Smith' and Feel It
“Taking inspiration from everyday objects and things he observes, his style (often referred to as‘Classic with a Twist’) has an unmistakable
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2010-11-04
[MUSE ON] Shedding Lights on Asian Realism
What image first comes to mind when youthink of an art exhibition? Maybe you willimagine an art exhibition about similar...
Kim Chung Jinyong / Cub Report   2010-10-06
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