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[LETTER] Enlightenment from the Yongkungsa
Just before the beginning of the school day, I traveled to Busan. I went various places; for example, marketplace, the PIFF (Pusan Internati
Byun Ji Geunah   2011-10-08
[LETTER] Season for Reading
It’s already September 2011. I cannot forget when I first came to Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU), but now I am spending the second semes
Byun Ji Geunah / Editor   2011-09-14
[COLUMN] Working Mom's Baby Birth Plan
Recent bad news is that the number of one member-families exceed the number of 4 members-families in Korea. It implies that our generation l
Professor Yun Seonsong   2011-09-14
[LETTER] I Will Leave but You Will Be Left
This June issue is the last time I will publish the Sookmyung Times(SMT). I never could imagine I will leave SMT some time or another when I
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2011-06-06
[EDITORIAL] When It Comes to Climate Change, How Much Do People Know?
True or False? By now, your average personis probably tired of the word “climatechange” and all the discussions, debates,conferences, and ev
Professor Haein Yim   2011-06-06
[EDITORIAL] A Life Goes on
Let’s turn the clock back a bit. In the first week of March 2011, the Korean stock market passed 2,000 points once again, but Korean econom
Professor Lee Hyung-jin   2011-05-07
[LETTER] Talk, Play, Love in May!
Sookmyungians, it’s May. Koreans call May the month of family events. You are very busy in preparing for one’s days and several celebration
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2011-05-07
[COLUMN] Enjoy and Listen to the Nature!
In March issue of Gain Interior Design magazine, I have written a small column regarding how ourstudents and parents should change their min
Professor Swoo Kyung Suh   2011-04-07
[LETTER] Tonight
Sookmyungians, how is your night going? This question may sound somewhat weird to you, but I am very serious because I can’t sometimes fall
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2011-04-06
[EDITORIAL] Korea as a Multicultural Society
While many of Korean people still are not feeling that Korea has become a multicultural society, it is true and a fact by any measure includ
Aejin Kang   2011-03-09
[LETTER] The Road Not Taken
It is a new semester of 2011! Did you have a nice winter vacation?Through 2010 Winter Global Explore Program, I visited to Paris, France dur
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2011-03-07
[LETTER] Think Positive and Creatively!
“In life there are always ups and downs,” says the old Chinese proverb (塞翁之馬, Saeongjima)The story of Saeongjima is that, once upon a time,
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2010-12-05
[LETTER] Priming Water and Priming Leadership
Hello, Sookmyungians! Half of the semester has passed, but I hope your semester was well and will continue well. Halfway through the exams,
Lim Yang Yunjeong   2010-11-04
[EDITORIAL] Finding What You Love to Do
I really enjoyed Professor Jinsuk Byun(BYUN)’s editorial in the Sookmyung Times. I’d like to add a few of my own thoughts to it...
Russell Pittman   2010-11-04
[EDITORIAL] Aren’t We All Beautiful?
We were each born with certain physical features that make us look unique and beautiful, though there are a lot of people who are not satisf
Matilda Krivan   2010-10-06
[LETTER] Made in Sookmyung
The Sookmyung Times (SMT) published its second newspaper this semester already. In addition, it’s been two months since I took on the role o
Lim Yang Yunjeong / Editor-in-   2010-10-06
[LETTER] Walking on the Sea
It is a new start of second semester in 2010. I’m very excited about publishing our first magazine, after I became a new editor-in-chief in
Lim YangYunjeong/Editorinchief   2010-09-13
[EDITORIAL] Finding What You Love to Do
What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want to live a life like celebrities with everybody’s attention? Do you want to make a lot of
Jinsuk Byun   2010-06-06
[LETTER] This Is Not the End
It’s already June, the last month of this term. I will leave the Sookmyung Times (SMT) after this semester. This is my last letter so I br
Park Kim Haena/Ediro-in-chief   2010-06-03
[LETTER] Rainbow in Life
Have you ever seen a rain bow? I remebered having seen the rainbow last year. When I walked for a long time and becaome to be exhausted, I
Park Kim Haena / Eitor-in Chie   2010-05-08
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