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[LETTER] Walking on the Sea
It is a new start of second semester in 2010. I’m very excited about publishing our first magazine, after I became a new editor-in-chief in
Lim YangYunjeong/Editorinchief   2010-09-13
[EDITORIAL] Finding What You Love to Do
What kind of life do you want to live? Do you want to live a life like celebrities with everybody’s attention? Do you want to make a lot of
Jinsuk Byun   2010-06-06
[LETTER] This Is Not the End
It’s already June, the last month of this term. I will leave the Sookmyung Times (SMT) after this semester. This is my last letter so I br
Park Kim Haena/Ediro-in-chief   2010-06-03
[LETTER] Rainbow in Life
Have you ever seen a rain bow? I remebered having seen the rainbow last year. When I walked for a long time and becaome to be exhausted, I
Park Kim Haena / Eitor-in Chie   2010-05-08
[LETTER] The Power of Positive Thinking
Once upon a time, there lived a young sculptor called Pygmalion. One day, he made a woman out of ivory...
Park Kim Haena / Editor in chi   2010-04-03
[EDITORIAL] New Environments for Development of the South
Every revolution in information technology has extended...
Dong Ju Choi   2010-04-03
[EDITORIAL] There Are No Shortcuts to Learning English
As global citizens, we can no longer expect to experience economic, scientific,...
Matilda Krivan   2010-03-09
[LETTER] The Month of Hope, March
Hi! Sookmyungians. Long time no see. 2010 has already come.Winter’s heavy snowfalls and severe cold came to an end...
Park Kim Haena/Editor in chif   2010-03-09
[LETTER] Enjoy Winter Vacation, and Good Bye 2009
The winter vacation is drawing near. I feel that the semester has passed very quickly. The mid-term exam was finished, and lots of assignmen
By Park Kim Haena   2009-12-19
[EDITORIAL] We Need to Avoid the Same Mistakes Again in Dealing with North Korea
In the past month or two, North Korea has appeared to be trying to calm tensions by releasing two American journalists, a South Korean worke
Kyudok Hong   2009-12-19
[EDITORIAL] Why Do We Need to Read Classics?
Some people define classics as “the book that everyone knows well but no one does read.”This ironic statement is really true! We are frequen
Sung Soo Hong   2009-11-07
[LETTER] Sookmyungians Reading a Book
Why do people say that Autumn is the best season for reading?From a physiological perspective, fall gives the atmosphere to readbooks. The h
Park Kim Hana   2009-11-07
[EDITORIAL] Learning Never Ends
Summer is a chance for every student to keep on working, progress and evolve in many aspects of their life. Some are working to improve thei
Thomas Sagnard   2009-10-09
[LETTER] Always Smile
In the last summer vacation, I traveled to Siem Reap in Cambodia. I had a chance to visit lots of places of historic interest. Among them, t
Park Kim Haena   2009-10-09
[EDITORIAL] Towards Ubiquitous Learning
Education environment at Sookmyung has undergone major changes in recent years. In particular wehave witnessed how effectively Problem Based
Sehjae Chun   2009-09-12
[LETTER] New Start
Happy September! It’s a new start for the semester. I hope thateveryone had a great summer vacation. It is a new month andnew semester. You
Park Kim Haena   2009-09-12
[LETTER] Heartbeat
What makes your heart beat? Your favorite movie star? Your brand-new shoes? In my case, seeing legendarypeople who are enjoying or have enjo
Cho Ku Yunji   2009-06-05
[EDITORIAL] The Value of Inconvenience
On the Sookmyung campus, I know one professor who does not have a cellular phone. In his office, there is no air conditioner on the wall. I
Jo Samsup   2009-05-11
[LETTER] What Makes Conversation Worthwhile?
Do you know Thomas Edison? He was one of the greatest and most influential inventors that ever lived. What about Henry Ford? As many know, h
Cho Ku Yunji   2009-05-11
[LETTER] See the Broader World without Prejudice
There’s an old saying that to see is to believe, which means that the most precise way to learn about something is to experience it yourself
Cho Ku Yun-ji   2009-04-10
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