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[ON SMU] Pre-application for SMU School Bus has begun [새창] Chang Chun Heejin 2015-03-06
[ON SMU] Firework-Camp, Firing Up the Hearts of Frosh [새창] Choi Kim Taeeun 2015-03-06
[ON SMU] Learning about Korea at SMU [새창] Kim Oh Jieun 2015-03-06
[ON SMU] Expanding the Spectrum of E-information at the Main Library [새창] Cho Park Jiyeon 2014-12-04
[ON SMU] Special Time for Professors and Students, Student Mentoring Day [새창] Kim Oh Jieun 2014-12-04
[ON SMU] Dreaming of Being Sookmyungians [새창] Choi Kim Taeeun 2014-12-04
[ON SMU] Find Common Ground through Communication [새창] Chang Chun Heejin 2014-12-04
[ON SMU] Welcome to Sookmyung Homecoming Day [새창] Cho Park Jiyeon 2014-11-06
[ON SMU] Enjoy Humanities and Find Your Way [새창] Chang Chun Heejin 2014-11-06
[ON SMU] President of Cote d' Ivoire Received an Honourary Degree [새창] Kim Oh Jieun 2014-11-05
[ON SMU] The World of Embroidery, "Wearable Art: Inspiration in Thread" [새창] Choi Kim Taeeun 2014-11-05
[ON SMU] Feel the Excitement, Chungpa Festival! [새창] Park Ra Minjee 2014-10-10
[ON SMU] Short-term Visit of Chuo University in Japan [새창] Cho Park Jiyeon 2014-10-10
[ON SMU] Foreign Publication Exhibition for Users [새창] Chang Chun Heejin 2014-10-10
[ON SMU] Finding Dreams in ‘Sookmyung Open Campus’ [새창] Choi Kim Taeeun 2014-10-10
[ON SMU] MOOC, Join New Courses [새창] Jin Lim Youjeong 2014-09-05
[ON SMU] Join Career Preparation Work at School [새창] Hong Ha Sunwoo 2014-09-05
[ON SMU] Global Summer in Sookmyung Honors Program [새창] Park Ra Minjee 2014-09-05
[ON SMU] Women, Lives and Thoughts [새창] Hong Ha Sunwoo 2014-09-05
[ON SMU] Poll to Withdraw from Handaeryun [새창] Bien Yang Soovin 2014-06-04
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