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[PEOPLE] Everyone Has Faux-Naif
Think about oriental painting. What comes to mind? Scenes of mountains? A bird sitting on a branch? Perhaps even an orchid? One young orient
Kim Jo Dana   2013-11-08
[JOIN US] The Steps for New Days
Have you ever seriously considered unification? Some people may feel it unnecessary, but it is important for Korea and a difficult task to c
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-11-06
[ALUMNAE] Real Virtue of Woman Leader
A 10 year-old girl was once asked “How about conducting in front of the entire school?” The teacher’s request changed the girl’s life. As sh
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-11-06
[PEOPLE] Dear Lonely, Knock on I-UM'S DOOR
If you checked more than two of the boxes, then you are right person for I-um. I-um is a company that sets up people on blind dates.
Kim Jo Dana   2013-10-05
[JOIN US] Fill Your Bucket, Feel Our Synergy
Famed American actor, Zachary Scott, once said, “As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regretare the things you didn’t do.” Hav
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2013-10-04
[ALUMNAE] Growing Dream Trees to Break Walls
Who are the world’s greatest musicians, teachers, and preachers of positiveness? Were these people among the names that popped into your hea
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-10-02
[ALUMNAE] Dream Chaser Becoming a New Frontier
Called the “Jeanne d’Arc of Daehagno” among young theatrical people, Lee Jihyun (LEE) is doing her best to re-glorify the value of Daehagno.
Lee Yi Yerim   2013-09-08
[JOIN US] Learn Into Making Good Relationship
Relationships are the most important things in life. Individuals have various relations with others around them, and most people know that
Kim Lee Charmseul   2013-09-08
[PEOPLE] Hearing Your Voice
The wind and the sun argued one day over which one was stronger. Spotting a man traveling on the road, they challenged each other to see who
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2013-09-07
[PEOPLE] Just Do It!
There was a young boy who always sat in front of television watching movies in every night. He loved movies and the music in those movies an
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-06-09
[JOIN US] We Deliver the ‘Hyo (孝)’
In many cases, we use a delivery for convenience, such as food and clothes. But have you ever heard of delivering ‘Hyo?’* There is a club th
Noh Lim Hyelin   2013-06-03
[ALUMNAE] A Sister to All, Pro Golfer Pak Seri
In the summer of 1998, during the US Women’s Open Championship, a golf ball is hit into the very edges of a pond. It is the last hole that
Yi Sohn Joonyoung   2013-06-03
[PEOPLE] What is Your Name?
Let’s think about the name Apple, Samsung or Haechandle. Have you ever wondered who made the names? You might think that Steve Jobs or Lee G
Yoon Han Eunjung   2013-05-09
[ALUMNAE] Sensibility of a Woman, Audacity of a Pro
There was one weather caster who, instead of plainly saying “It will rain tomorrow,” used the words, “Do not hang out the washing tomorrow!”
Yi Sohn Joonyoung   2013-05-07
[PEOPLE] Korea, Challenge for Everything!
4.5 out of 5. What is this number? It is the lecture satisfaction of SMU students about one lecture. This lecture’s heroine is Ida Daussy
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-04-11
[JOIN US] Drawing Our World on Screen
We watch films in theaters, as visual aids in lectures, or at home. Yet, have you ever thought of making one? There is a group of passionate
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-04-05
[ALUMNAE] Don't be under Others' Control!
What is your dream? There is a person who answered “Announcer” to this question for over ten years. She hosted a festival of universities i
Kim Jo Dana   2013-04-05
[PEOPLE] Tired by Society? Standup Again, Don’t Settle
“Where’s an end. To your potential.” Can you guess the title of this short poem? This is a poem by e-poet Ha Sangwook (HA) titled, ‘Used up
Yoo Kim Juhee   2013-03-09
[JOIN US] Challenge for 'A RANGE OF VOICE' and 'TABOO'
Challenge for “A range of voice” and ”Taboo!” This is a motto of “the Students’ PD Note. ” What does this mean? “The Students’ PD Note” aims
Lee Cho Myunghyun   2013-03-09
[ALUMNAE] Show Me Your Frontier Spirit!
Until 1995, there was no concept of shoppinghost in Korea. Nobody knew what she did. People were afraid to take challenges in a newtype of
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-03-09
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