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[LETTER] The Real Owner of SMT is YOU
The Sookmyung Times (SMT) has been in existence for thirty five years. Many students have been appointed as SMT reporters. These reporters c
An Lee Jung-un   2007-10-02
[LETTER] What Was the Last Book that You Read?
We see diverse images in the media at least once a day. These media images attract the public attention, but people also gain enjoyment beca
An Lee Jung-un   2007-09-10
[EDITORIAL] Here and There
Compared to Korea, American culture tends to undervalue the importance of education. American education also seems to fulfill needs of the m
Ethan Hardy Carbone   2007-06-20
[LETTER] Nanta’s Lantern
Once upon a time, there was a poor and destitute woman. Her name was Nanta and she wished to offer something for Buddha. But, she was so poo
Kim Lee Ji-hye   2007-06-20
[LETTER] What Is My Position?
On April 3, for the first time Sookmyung leadership groups got together to construct mutual friendship between the various leadership groups
Kim Lee Ji-hye   2007-05-24
[EDITORIAL] Race All over the Place
While living in Seoul, I’ve met many people who tend to over generalize the racial composition of people in my home country. Although there
Ethan Hardy Carbone / Speci   2007-05-04
[EDITORIAL] People‐Orientedness and Leadership
You have heard many things about desirable leadership qualifications. Let me add one more to them: a people‐oriented attitude. Put peo
Eun Jin Park   2007-05-04
[LETTER] Are You Falling in Love?
EpisodeⅠ. There was a girl. She loved two boys. Among them, one made her cry and the other brought her happiness. But, the boy who always br
Kim Lee Ji-hye   2007-04-06
[EDITORIAL] Women's Leadership in a Globalized World
The world is beginning a new era. The emerging globalized economy is creating new challenges and opportunities for women leaders. Issues suc
Kim Mang-sun   2007-04-06
[EDITORIAL] Korean Marriage, American Marriage
One major cultural difference between Korea and my home country is the way marriage is carried out. In the U.S. it is relatively uncommon fo
Ethan Hardy   2007-04-06
[EDITORIAL] Trying to Be Korean in Korea
So far, Korean life has been similar to life in North America, but different enough to vibrantly stimulate my learning process. My hometown
Ethan HArdy   2007-03-26
[EDITORIAL] Jack and the Beanstalk : Mistake and Success
"Have you been such a fool, such a dolt, such an idiot, as to give away my Milky?White, for a set of paltry beans?” Hello readers! Who do yo
Nam-Joon Kang   2007-03-26
[LETTER] In the Forsythia Blossom Time at University
This spring without exception, tuition hikes swept through most universities in. Most universities announced their increases. Sookmyung Wome
Kim Lee Ji-hye   2007-03-26
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