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[ON SMU] Special Lecture from Professor Kim Sunghun
On April 11th, Kim Sunghun, professor at Hong Kong University of Technology and Science, lectured at Sookmyung Women’s University. The Sookm
Gwack Ryu Seoyoun   2014-05-09
[ON SMU] The College of Liberal Arts Students Cooperate for the Festival
On April 7th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m, the College of Liberal Arts held a festival at Queen Sunheon Square. Following the success of the previou
Bien Yang Soovin   2014-05-09
[ON SMU] Turning Over a New Leaf, Snowe
On April 7th, Sookmyung Community changed. It is now named ‘SnoWe.’ According to Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU)’s Information Officer Ki
Gwack Ryu Seoyoun   2014-05-09
[ON SMU] Sookmyung Student Union Elections
From March 24th to 26th, Sookmyung Women’s University held an election for Student Union president. It was hosted by the Office of Student A
Jin Lim Youjeong   2014-04-11
[ON SMU] Preparing for the 6th Intramural Spors Meet at Sookmyung
On March 21st, a meeting was held to prepare for the 6th Intramural Sports Meet at Sookmyung University with 40 participants. Since the even
Park Ra Minjee   2014-04-11
[ON SMU] Leadership Groups Make Synergy through the Festival
From March 11st to 13th, the Sookmyung Leadership Group Festival was held at Queen Sunheon Square. This festival is held annually by the Soo
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2014-04-11
[ON SMU] Welcome to Sookmyung Library!
From March 10th until the 21st, the school library offered tour programs for first year students. There were three kinds of programs: an onl
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-04-11
[ON SMU] Gentle Power to Change the World with New Sookmyungians!
On February 19, 2014, Sookmyung Women’s University held its entrance ceremony for first year students at Jamsil Interior Gymnasium. The entr
Jin Lim Youjeong   2014-03-07
[ON SMU] Being a Sookmyungian on College Day
From February 5th until the 7th, Sookmyung Women’s University held a program called College Day. The program was hosted by student council m
Park Ra Minjee   2014-03-07
[ON SMU] Lawsuit against Revocation of School Ground
On January 24th, the Seoul Administrative Court found in favour of Sookmyung Women’s University and has permitted the university to continue
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2014-03-07
[ON SMU] Sookmyung in Singapore
On January 13th, Hwang Sunhye, president of Sookmyung Women’s University visited Singapore Nanang Technological University. There the univer
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-03-07
[ON SMU] Logic and Fluency, English Debate Competition
On September 13th, the 5th Sookmyung English Debate Competition was held in the Samsung Convention Hall in the Centennial Building. The firs
Kim Lee Suhyun   2013-11-28
[ON SMU] Show Off Your Club at the First Night of Club
On November 11th, in the Student Center Sum-gim Hall, held the first ‘Night of Clubs.’ The 20th Club Association welcomed and the Student Su
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2013-11-28
[ON SMU] Sookmyung with Liberal Arts Festival
From October 30th to November 31st, Sookmyung is hosting a Liberal Arts Festival on its campus. The Sookmyung Liberal Arts Festival is for a
Jin Lim Youjeong   2013-11-28
[ON SMU] Participating in Dynamic Sookmyung
On November 5th, Sookmyung Women’s University held a festival called ‘Dynamic Sookmyung’ at Jamsil gymnasium.This day was first established
Park Ra Minjee   2013-11-28
[ON SMU] Sookmyungians Gather to Discuss and Impair a Broken Reputation
On October 18th, a meeting between Sookmyung Women’s University and its students was held in Samsung Convention Center in Centennial Hall. T
Kim Lee Suhyun   2013-11-06
[ON SMU] Communicate through Brownie
In the month of October, Brownie Date, held by Sookmyung Women’s University’s Student Union, facilitated their communication with Sookmyungi
Jin Lim Youjeong   2013-11-06
[ON SMU] Expand Your Dream through the Career Fair
Starting on October 7th, a Career Fair was held at Sookmyung Women’s University for eight straight days. On the first two days, students wer
Park Ra Minjee   2013-11-06
[ON SMU] Develop Leadership Capability by Steve Barakatt Lecture
On October 7th, a Leadership lecture by Pianist Steve Barakatt was held at the College of Music, Sookyeondang. The lecture was hosted by Soo
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2013-11-06
[ON SMU] The New Dancing Generation
From September 11th to 13th, the 1st Dance Contest & Conference for elementary, middle, and high school students was held at Sookmyung Art C
Lee Kim Sooyeon   2013-10-02
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