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[SPECIAL REPORTS] Engineering, A Road We Can Travel
The College of Science is the only college closely related to engineering at SMU. In front of the Main Library, we can see Sookmyungians hea
Park Ra Minjee   2015-04-04
[WE.R.IN] Educational System Changes at Universities
Nowadays, a wind of change in the educational system is blowing among colleges. Until now, when students entered university, most of them wo
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2015-04-04
[MUSE ON] Paint in Colors Daily Lives, Millet
To modern people, especially urban area people, few understand the meaning of farming or living as farmers. However, it was also hard to ima
Cho Park Jiyeon   2015-04-04
[EXPERIENCE] Story Inside the Palace the Soul We Should't Forget
Throughout 5,000 years of Korean history, Seoul has been an important city. In the Chosun Dynasty, Seoul was the capital of the nation, and
Kim Oh Jieun   2015-04-04
[MUSE ON] Save Precious Moments in Present
You have likely seen the album jacket of The Beatles walking along a crossroad in a row. A woman photographer captured the natural moment as
Chang Chun Heejin   2015-03-07
[SMTRACING] Sookmyungians, Where are You Eating Now?
After every class ends, Sookmyungians look for the best place to eat their lunch or snack. However, lots of students go out for food rather
Hong Ha Sunwoo,Park Ra Minjee,Kim Oh Jieun   2015-03-07
[WE.R.IN] Student's Day, Is It Necessary?
Every semester Sookmyung hosts its ‘Student’s Day.’ The purpose behind the day is to enable students to receive useful counseling from each
Park Ra Minjee   2015-03-07
[GLOBAL REPORT] A Midsummer Night's Dream, Eight Weeks at UC Berkeley
I spent a dreamlike summer vacation at UC Berkeley, which I summarize as long yet short. It was a completely new environment for me, but I w
Kim Soyeong   2015-03-07
[SPECIAL REPORTS] Finding Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow of Sookmyung
8570km. This is the physical distance from Seoul to Holzkirchen. However, despite the heavy snow and the long flight and train hours, the di
Koo Kim Gyohyun, Hong Ha Sunwoo   2015-03-07
[EXPERIENCE] History for Us, History for Our Heart
History is considered a difficult subject to learn. It usually requires much memorization, so students tend to be a little afraid to show in
Choi Kim Taeeun   2015-03-07
[MAPGAZINE] Epidemics, the Biggest Horror on Earth
Democratic Republic of the CongoHuge Ebola Virus Outbreak On October 25th, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported
Cho Park Jiyeon, Kim Oh Jieun   2014-12-06
[EXPERIENCE] Read the World, Be the Change
“What made us stop reading?” asked a reporter to two friends. “Korean society requires too much of us.” “Is it really necessary for us to re
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2014-12-05
[WE.R.IN] Should Major Subject Lectures be Offered in English?
In 2011, four students at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) committed consecutive suicides because they could no lo
Chang Chun Heejin   2014-12-05
[SMTRACING] SMU, Fly to the Sky of Humanities
“30 years later every family will own a 3D printer and make copies of household items.” This is the opinion held by three students when they
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-12-05
[MUSE ON] The Secret Journey to Seochon
What are your memories of an alley? Perhaps, in your youth you saw block friends playing there, make new friends with children that came by,
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-12-04
[MOOC] Securing Digital Democracy
These days, many people participate in electronic voting and Internet voting. We no longer vote with paper. However, every citizen in most o
Park Ra Minjee   2014-12-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Welcome to the Midwestern United States
After graduating high school, I thought I would finally do something that I wanted, not something I was required. However, I had to make cho
Lee Yeonkyung   2014-12-04
[MUSE ON] Where does Hoot, Hoot sound come from?
What has round, large, sparkling eyes, a pointed small beak, and a flat face? Still a mystery? It hunts at night, and its eyes penetrate the
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2014-11-14
[EXPERIENCE] Be Dynamic while Dieting
Most people these days are wild about dieting. Whenever we see people who have good looking figures, we envy them. However, starting a diet
Park Ra Minjee   2014-11-09
[WE.R.IN] Can You Imagine Using Cellphone in the Army?
In April, an army private first class was murdered because of a violent act committed by his colleagues. He had been bullied by his colleagu
Choi Kim Taeeun   2014-11-09
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