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[MAPGAZINE] Epidemics, the Biggest Horror on Earth
Democratic Republic of the CongoHuge Ebola Virus Outbreak On October 25th, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported
Cho Park Jiyeon, Kim Oh Jieun   2014-12-06
[MAPGAZINE] Steps Toward a Non-smoking Nation
CHINAConflict Leads to Failure of Antismoking Policy Contrary to many countries that are trying hard to reduce the smok
Choi Kim Taeeun, Chang Chun He   2014-11-07
[MAPGAZINE] Better Safe than Sorry
THE UNITED KINGDOMJust Call 999 when You Need Help The UK has professional agents who receive the reports and deliver t
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2014-10-09
[MAPGAZINE] Beauty of Difference, Beautifferent* Society
FRANCEDon’t Forget the Spirit of the French Revolution “We've been too concerned about identity of new arrivals, no
Koo Kim Gyohyun,Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-09-06
[MAPGAZINE] Thanks to Our Country, Memorial Day
NETHERLANDSTwo Consecutive Days forRemembering Victims In the Netherlands, May 4th is the Dutch National Remembrance Da
Park Ra Minjee   2014-06-08
[MAPGAZINE] Making the World Squirm
HONG KONGOccupied by Two Countries, England and China At first, Hong Kong was part of China. It was one of China's
Lim Youjeong, Lee Sujin   2014-05-10
[MAPGAZINE] Silent Murderer, FINE DUST
EUROPENo Difference in Europe Recently the highly reputable medical journal The Lancet published the findings of the la
Koo Gyohyun, Lim Youjeong   2014-04-09
[MAPGAZINE] The World Falls into Sports, in 2014
SOUTH KOREAIncheon Asian GamesIncheon Asian Games will be held 19th September to 4th October of this year. It is held every four years, and
Yoo Kim Juhee   2014-03-10
[MAPGAZINE] How Much Do You Really Know About Christmas?
ENGLANDBecoming One with ChristmasEngland is one country that celebrates Christmas magnificently. Since most people start to prepare this ho
Park Ra Minjee, Hong Ha Sunwoo   2013-12-07
[MAPGAZINE] Do We Have the Right To Judge Love?
VaticanA Hand Span between Sin and LoveP ope Francis' embracement of homosexuality made headlines all over the world. He called upon the gen
Kim Jo Dana/ Koo Kim Gyohyun   2013-11-11
[MAPGAZINE] Women, Who Move the World
GERMANYFirst Woman Prime Minister, Angela MerkelAngela Merkel was born in West Germany but after her birth, her family moved to East Germany
Lee Kim Sooyeon/ Lee Cho Myung   2013-10-06
[MAPGAZINE] What Happened to SNOWDEN?
UNITED STATES Edward Snowden, Is He a Hero or a Traitor?Several Months ago Edward Joseph Snowden caused chaos throughout the world. He was a
Yoo Kim Juhee/ Kim Jo Dana   2013-09-08
[MAPGAZINE] Don't Let One Bad Apple Spoil the Rest
Pakistan : Sharif, Appearance of New GovernmentLAHORE, Pakistan — Nawaz Sharif declared victory for his centerright party in Pakistan’
Kim Lee Charmseul   2013-06-05
[MAPGAZINE] The Loss of the 'Iron Lady'
United Kingdom : Margaret Thatcher, Former British Prime Minister, DiedMargaret Thatcher, the “Iron Lady” of British politics, died on Monda
Noh Lim Hyelin, Lee Yi Yerim   2013-05-05
[MAPGAZINE] May Chavez Rest in Peace
Vatican : Who is New Owner of Vatican? On February 28th, Pope Benedict XVI resigned voluntarily. With his resignation, Pope Benedict XVI g
Kim Jo Dana   2013-04-05
[MAPGAZINE] How Should We Call it, ‘Sengaku’ or ‘Diaoyudao’?
SwedenWho are awarded the Novel Prize?The Nobel foundation was founded in 1900 according to Alfred Bernard Novel’s will. Every year since 19
Lee Kim Seulgi, Oh Lee Yeon   2012-11-08
[MAPGAZINE] How Soon Can the Spring Come to Syria?
Syria: Syrian Civil WarThe Syrian civil war is an ongoing internal armed political conflict in Syria. The conflict began on March 15, 2011 w
Yoon Han Eunjung   2012-10-13
[MAPGAZINE] United Kingdom : London hosts the Olympic Games for the Third Time
United Kingdom : London hosts the Olympic Games for the Third TimeThe 2012 Summer Olympics was held in London, United Kingdom, from the 27th
Yoo Kim Juhee, Yi Joonyoung   2012-09-08
[MAPGAZINE] Today through Reading Keyword
Last semester, Sookmyung Women’s University (SMU) launched a new class. The class is ‘Today Through Reading Keyword’ and has several feature
Hwang Jeon Seo-kyung   2007-09-11
[MAPGAZINE] The Secret of Neuron - Neuroscience
If you look Jang Dong-kun, first you may experience an increase in your heart rate, and your hands may push toward him, naturally. In this s
Yoo Kang Hyun-ji   2007-06-21
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