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[SMTRACING] The Second Home for Sookmyungians
After waking up each morning, Noonsong, a freshman living in Sookmyung Residence Hall (Myeongjaekwan), heads to the common room lounge to fi
Oh Kim Youbin   2019-05-30
[SMTRACING] Is Sookmyung Really Safe?
“We want a safe school environment where we can study freely as much as we want.” This is not the desire of just one student. It is the voic
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-04-08
[SMTRACING] Welcome, First Times in CROSS Campus?
Pew Pew, Capstone Design, Monday Food Talk, and Red Fan, Blue Fan. These names are probably quite familiar to many Sookmyungians. However, w
Kim Ma Seunghee   2019-03-27
[SMTRACING] Knowledge Is Benefit
Whenever grades are released, students in school communities question which scholarships they qualify for, and most students do not have the
Oh Kim Youbin   2019-03-01
[SMTRACING] The Sookchelin Guide
Knitted brows, eyes glued to the phone, the thumb slowly scrolling down through pages on the phone display when suddenly the sound of one’s
Kim Lee Jihyun   2018-12-06
[SMTRACING] Smart Sookmyung: True or False?
From electronic attendance to student identification cards, information about reading rooms, DICA and other webpages, everything linked to S
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-10-10
[SMTRACING] The Sookmyung Times, Connecting Sookmyung to the World
Compared to the hustle and bustle at other clubrooms, a quiet atmosphere fills the editorial office. Computers are filled with pictures take
Song Heejeong, Kim Youbin   2018-10-09
[SMTRACING] Cheongpa Land Is Open!
“After enjoying a few snacks, let’s head over to the Viking ship!” “Yay! Wait, what?” Food, alcoholic beverages, and K-POP idol performances
Kim Hong Taeeun   2018-09-09
[SMTRACING] Sookmyung, Great Power to Change the World
Imagine being in a situation in which you are the only Sookmyungian among your friends, all of whom attend schools other than Sookmyung. Alt
Kim Lee Jihyun   2018-06-09
[SMTRACING] Which Way?
As time goes by, anxiety levels build. ‘Which road do I take? Can I get a job at a good company? Can I even get a job?’ Sometimes, these typ
Lee Hyebin, Song Heejeong   2018-04-30
[SMTRACING] Literally, Survivng at Sookmyung
There is a common saying among students, "Cherry blossoms indicate midterm exams." Hand-in-hand with the beautiful cherry trees in full bloo
Lee Hyebin, Shin Woohyun   2018-04-15
[SMTRACING] SNS: Sookmyung Network Service
It is the beginning of a new school year. Students have started their return to Sookmyung Women’s University. New students will probably hav
Kim Taeeun , Kim Jihyun   2018-03-21
[SMTRACING] Snowflakes is Always by Your Side
In many western nations, there are fairy tales of a spirit that appears in winter named Jack Frost. According to the tale, Jack Frost turns
Lee Hyebin, Song Heejeong   2017-12-12
[SMTRACING] Let's Walk on a Road of Snowflakes: SNOWAY
ALL PHOTOS FROM WWW.SNOWAY.SM.AC.KR Wouldn't it be nice to have a guardian angel walking along side you and constantly telling you the b
Kim Taeeun, Song Heejeong   2017-11-09
[SMTRACING] Sookmyung Women's University in the Fourth Industrial Revolution Division
During course registration, Sookmyungians received an interesting text message regarding class guidelines and an interdisciplinary program b
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-10-11
[SMTRACING] Make Something New out of Something Old
Sookmyungians who entered after 2015 are required to do one of the following to qualify for graduation: double major, choose a minor, take a
Kim Lim Minji   2017-09-06
[SMTRACING] Exchange Programs; Widen Your Vision With Foreign Friends
Have you ever dreamt of making lifelong foreign friends before entering university? Or how about having pen pal friends and building true fr
Kim Seol Jieun, Han Lee Hyebin   2017-06-22
[SMTRACING] PRIME, Choice to Be a Prime University
“Brrrrring”A Sookmyungian’s phone rings. She grabs the phone and reads the message. It is from Sookmyung Women’s University Prime. The messa
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-04-04
[SMTRACING] Ways to Enjoy Culture at Sookmyung
The New Year has come and Sookmyung’s new first year students are excited and ready for school life. They will be passing by the Sunheon qua
Kim Seol Jieun   2017-03-04
[SMTRACING] Flashback to Sookmyung
Have you ever heard the famous saying, "Learn from yesterday, live for today, and hope for tomorrow"? It was spoken by Albert Einstein who l
Kim Kim Hyuna   2016-12-11
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