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[GLOBAL REPORT] Following theFloating Lanterns
Before going to Germany, I watched lots of movies to improve my English and , a German fairy tale, was one of them. Although she longed to l
Kim Minkyung   2017-03-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Better Cold Than Cool
What comes to mind when you imagine your life in a foreign country as an exchange student? I am pretty sure you’ve dreamt of dormitory parti
Park Minjung   2016-12-11
[GLOBAL REPORT] As a Tree with the Passage of Time
“As a Tree with the Passage of Time” This is the motto of the University of Toronto (U of T). Just as the motto states, inside everyone is a
Koo Gyohyun   2016-10-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] Everlasting Memory of China
One day I pondered why I was leading a life full of struggle. I dreamed of seeing the world. How could I better learn firsthand a culture ou
Kim Kyungmin   2016-09-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Nature, Freedom, Uniqueness, and Finland
Santa Claus, Moomin, lakes, saunas, birch trees and xylitol. What do all of these things have in common? They are all from Finland. From Aug
Lee Sang-A   2016-05-07
[GLOBAL REPORT] The Place I Call My Treasure Island Coe College
I lived in the United States for two semesters as an exchange student. I had a fabulous time at Coe College (Coe), and it’s my pleasure to s
Won Johee   2016-03-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] GERMANY, The Best Choice I Made at University
After completing my fourth semester of school, I wondered how to best improve myself. I came across the exchange student program on our univ
Lee Hyemin   2015-12-06
[GLOBAL REPORT] Life at UC Davis, the Opportunity of a Life
Hello Sookmyungians. I am a student from the Department of Education who went to University of California, Davis for half a year; i.e., the
Park Jiyoung   2015-10-11
[GLOBAL REPORT] Island Full of Green, IRELAND
Becoming an international exchange student was one of my goals after entering university. After applying for and being selected, I started o
Oh Yeongeun   2015-09-06
[GLOBAL REPORT] The Turning Point of My Life in Switzerland
I had always dreamed of living in a foreign country and wanted to experience a different culture. However, I was also a little worried, and
Park Gahee   2015-04-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] A Midsummer Night's Dream, Eight Weeks at UC Berkeley
I spent a dreamlike summer vacation at UC Berkeley, which I summarize as long yet short. It was a completely new environment for me, but I w
Kim Soyeong   2015-03-07
[GLOBAL REPORT] Welcome to the Midwestern United States
After graduating high school, I thought I would finally do something that I wanted, not something I was required. However, I had to make cho
Lee Yeonkyung   2014-12-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Australia, the Place where I Found Myself
In winter of 2013, I participated in the Global Best Program in Hawaii to have a new experience. Throughout the 3 weeks of the program, I us
Jeon Eunhan   2014-11-06
Life is the C (choice) between B (birth) and D (death). The one summarize my year exchange at the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM). Not o
Kim Yeana   2014-10-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] I Can Do It in Taiwan
“I thought you wanted to learn Chinese. Why are you going to Taiwan? The nation uses traditional Chinese characters and does not include cha
Park Geonsil   2014-09-06
Europa Universitat Viadrina Frankfurt (EUVF) is located near the border of Poland and Germany. Whenever we wanted to eat pizza, we had to cr
Lee Sugyeong   2014-05-11
[GLOBAL REPORT] Attractive, Memorable Taiwan
Last summer, the famous TV program, Grandpa over Flowers, which aired on tvN network, attracted great attention from audiences in Korea. I l
Heejin Kim   2014-04-10
[GLOBAL REPORT] Human Rights and Healing, You Can Catch Both at GENEVA!
Reminiscing over the precious moments I had in Geneva last August, I suddenly felt as if I were still there. The World Federation of United
Kwon Sujin   2014-03-10
[GLOBAL REPORT] Experiencing a New Life in Germany
Repeating the same routine every day was draining. I wanted to experience something new and feel excited every single moment. I contemplated
Lee Minha   2013-12-07
[GLOBAL REPORT] My New Life in Oriental Venice, Suzhou
There is a Chinese saying “Above, there is heaven; below, there is Suzhou and Hangzhou.” I heard this saying many times, but I wondered whet
Kim Sookjin   2013-11-11
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