기사 (전체 56건) 제목보기제목+내용
Walking across the campus fills me with an unfamiliar feeling. It's the beginning of May, and the air is pleasantly hot by the lush gree
Erik Anders Gabriel Sortelius   2019-05-30
[GLOBAL REPORT] Impact on Sookmyungians
IMPACT short for Interactive Multimedia Performing Arts Collaborative Technology is a program hosted by Steinhardt School of Culture and Edu
Song Heejeong   2019-03-30
[GLOBAL REPORT] The Best Chance Ever at Sookmyung, COE COLLEGE
As a first year student at Sookymung, I sometimes wrote a bucket list in my diary. At the time, I had about 50 wishes. At the top of the lis
Kim Jieun   2019-03-03
[GLOBAL REPORT] Goal to Live as an American
I spent my high school years in the Philippines hanging out with Korean friends because I feared being alone in the foreign environment. To
Lee Sophye   2018-12-07
The University Twinning and Networking program, or UNITWIN program1), has been supported by UNESCO since 1992. Universities that host the UN
Lee Hyebin   2018-10-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] Is University Education Necessary?
Nowadays, many students in South Korea attend universities. Looking at this phenomenon, some people are saying that a university education i
Yang Minah   2018-09-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] The Advantages of the Summit Conference
The summit conference between North Korea and South Korea was held on April 27th, at Panmunjeom. Because the conflict between North and Sout
Kim Dain   2018-09-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] Three Weeks of Summer Dreaming with Korean Adoptee Friend
Every year, sixteen Sookmyung International Women’s Association (SIWA) students travel to the United States to participate in and teach at s
Yoo Juhyun   2018-06-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] Ten Days in Japan
Japan is one of the most easily reachable destinations for Koreans, but not for me. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in Europe
Yu Chaiyon   2018-04-10
[GLOBAL REPORT] China: A Whole New World
PARK SEOHYUN Division of Chinese Language and Literature '17 I love everything about China. I am not sure why, but whenever I try to com
Kim Hong Taeeun   2018-03-21
[GLOBAL REPORT] Finding Korea in France
When I was young, I visited several art museums and exhibitions with my family and my friends that focused on French artists like Monet, Mil
Lee Hyunjung   2017-12-12
[GLOBAL REPORT] Shape the Future in America
Neil Armstrong once said, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” In this paper, I’d like to introduce my giant leap
Jeon Serin   2017-10-12
[GLOBAL REPORT] My First Time to Paris France
My first trip to France was a very unique experience. It’s unlikely I would have had the same experience anywhere else. The entire experienc
Kim Hyemi   2017-09-05
[GLOBAL REPORT] Ginger-lily Memory Ball
Crack! The fragrance of ginger-lily fills the air in my room. A “Harry Potter” memory ball has been opened. The ball reminds me of my 9-day
Youn Inah   2017-06-22
[GLOBAL REPORT] Are You Considering Studying Abroad in the USA?
Are you contemplating overseas schools? Well, if you are, I highly suggest my school, Coe College. Coe College is a small, private, liberal
JEANETTE JONES   2017-04-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Following theFloating Lanterns
Before going to Germany, I watched lots of movies to improve my English and , a German fairy tale, was one of them. Although she longed to l
Kim Minkyung   2017-03-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Better Cold Than Cool
What comes to mind when you imagine your life in a foreign country as an exchange student? I am pretty sure you’ve dreamt of dormitory parti
Park Minjung   2016-12-11
[GLOBAL REPORT] As a Tree with the Passage of Time
“As a Tree with the Passage of Time” This is the motto of the University of Toronto (U of T). Just as the motto states, inside everyone is a
Koo Gyohyun   2016-10-09
[GLOBAL REPORT] Everlasting Memory of China
One day I pondered why I was leading a life full of struggle. I dreamed of seeing the world. How could I better learn firsthand a culture ou
Kim Kyungmin   2016-09-04
[GLOBAL REPORT] Nature, Freedom, Uniqueness, and Finland
Santa Claus, Moomin, lakes, saunas, birch trees and xylitol. What do all of these things have in common? They are all from Finland. From Aug
Lee Sang-A   2016-05-07
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