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[EXPERIENCE] One Day Without a Smartphone
Do you have a smartphone? How much time do you spend using your smartphone? Nowadays, almost everyone in the world uses a smartphone regardl
Jung Hyeseung, Han Yujin   2019-05-31
[EXPERIENCE] Times Falling in Love with Korean Tradition
Have you ever seen a Korean historical drama? You will likely have noticed that they all contain a king, his ministers, and a palace. Most K
Kim Shin Hyerin   2019-03-28
[EXPERIENCE] Sookmyungians’ Condition: Living Without Waste
Each semester, this SMT reporter starts off her day with a cup of coffee from a café that is typically given in a plastic cup. In the
Kim Ma Seunghee   2019-03-03
[EXPERIENCE] Under the Moonlight, In the Heart of the City, Deoksugung
Surrounded by city lights, busily moving cars, and people stands a beautiful piece of history. Deoksugung, as beautiful as it is, was once g
Kim Hong Taeeun   2018-12-07
[EXPERIENCE] Time for the Mind and Body to Rest
‘As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself.’ How is this affecting everyday life? People
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-10-09
[EXPERIENCE] Draw, Color, Make, and Remember
What words come to mind when you hear “ceramics”? Some might say “Asian traditional pottery and bowls and cups.” Others might be reminded of
Song Yoon Heejeong   2018-09-03
[EXPERIENCE] Movies All Night
Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you wide awake when everyone else is sleeping? If you said “yes” to both of these questions, you
Park Kim Yujin,Oh Kim Youbin   2018-06-09
[EXPERIENCE] Welcome to the Vinyl Show
What does paradise look like in your imagination? Renowned author Jorge Luis Borges said, “I have always imagined that paradise will be a ki
Kim Lee Jihyun   2018-04-13
[EXPERIENCE] You Too Can Be on Running Man
Have you ever watched the SBS TV show, ‘Running Man’? The name is surely familiar to most people and is representative of our daily lives. A
Song Yoon Heejeong   2018-03-21
[EXPERIENCE] One Loyalty, Everlasting Reputation: the PSS
Tall men and women dressed in black suits, wearing sunglasses, and carrying guns while talking on walkie-talkies is probably the image that
Kim Hong Taeeun   2017-12-13
[EXPERIENCE] The Culture of Feminism, DOING Café
Themed cafés can now be found as a complex cultural space. While they offer customers a place for relaxation, they also do much more.
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-10-11
[EXPERIENCE] Not Just Bowling, but Rock Bowling
As you enter the dark room, you will see twinkling lights. You will also hear loud pop songs that make you feel as though you were at a club
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-09-05
[EXPERIENCE] Boating on the Han River, Tubester
April 25th, this is SMT reporter’s birthday, and I wanted to spend time with family or friends. Unfortunately, in 2017, April 25th fell duri
Kim Lim Minji   2017-06-24
[EXPERIENCE] A Day at Yongmun Traditional Market
Take a breath, and recall your childhood. Do days of delight at the market pop to mind? For SMT reporter, eating hot dogs and tteok-bokki at
Han Lee Hyebin   2017-04-09
[EXPERIENCE] Get Up, Go Out, And Explore!
This simple line appears on your smart phone screen: "A Pikachu appeared!" The Pikachu appears to be right there in front of you. Poké
Han Lee Hyebin   2017-04-09
[EXPERIENCE] When the Wind Blows, Candlelight Becomes a Torch
“Darkness cannot defeat light; Falsehood cannot defeat truth; Truth cannot sink; We will not give up.” These are the lyrics from the song, “
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-03-04
[EXPERIENCE] Food that Warms Your Hands
The TV program introduces viewers to delicious food as cast members visit Sejong University and Kyunghee University to eat cafeteria food.
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon   2016-12-11
[EXPERIENCE] Don’t Ignore Daiso, It Is Super Duper
Recently, many shops are struggling financially due to the national economic slump. However, one shop is showing great growth despite the fi
Kim Seol Jieun   2016-10-12
[EXPERIENCE] Simple and Efficient Way to Enjoy an Abundant Meal
Nowadays, university students tend to grab a meal from the nearest convenience store because the price is cheap and they can eat the meal qu
Kim Kim Hyuna   2016-10-06
[EXPERIENCE] Special Way to Escape the Summer Heat
This summer vacation, all Korean citizens, including Reporter Sumin, received a text message from the Ministry of Public Safety and Security
Oh Lee Sumin   2016-09-04
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