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[EXPERIENCE] When the Wind Blows, Candlelight Becomes a Torch
“Darkness cannot defeat light; Falsehood cannot defeat truth; Truth cannot sink; We will not give up.” These are the lyrics from the song, “
Kim Kim Hyuna   2017-03-04
[EXPERIENCE] Food that Warms Your Hands
The TV program introduces viewers to delicious food as cast members visit Sejong University and Kyunghee University to eat cafeteria food.
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon   2016-12-11
[EXPERIENCE] Don’t Ignore Daiso, It Is Super Duper
Recently, many shops are struggling financially due to the national economic slump. However, one shop is showing great growth despite the fi
Kim Seol Jieun   2016-10-12
[EXPERIENCE] Simple and Efficient Way to Enjoy an Abundant Meal
Nowadays, university students tend to grab a meal from the nearest convenience store because the price is cheap and they can eat the meal qu
Kim Kim Hyuna   2016-10-06
[EXPERIENCE] Special Way to Escape the Summer Heat
This summer vacation, all Korean citizens, including Reporter Sumin, received a text message from the Ministry of Public Safety and Security
Oh Lee Sumin   2016-09-04
[EXPERIENCE] How about Dating with Me, Mother?
“Hello. How are you mom? It’s me, Jieun. You’ve always said that you’d like to go out shopping together one day. Each time I was too busy be
Kim Seol Jieun   2016-06-12
[EXPERIENCE] Learning English through TED
A reporter of the Sookmyung Times decided to listen to several English-mediated lectures to improve her English skills. However, she was soo
Oh Lee Sumin   2016-05-08
[EXPERIENCE] A Day Trip for a Busy You
A girl holding a camera takes a photo of a beautiful temple. Soon she sits down on a bench to soak in the sun with her eyes closed. Is she o
Park Kang Sieun   2016-03-11
[EXPERIENCE] Becoming An One Day Artist
When you hear the phrase ‘handcrafted artwork,’ what comes to mind? In the past, handcrafted artwork was a field restricted to professional
Kim Oh Jieun   2016-03-06
[EXPERIENCE] Get Physical to Think Brighter
Doing assignments, group projects, and other school related things are considered heavy burdens by students as they take students’ precious
Chang Chun Heejin   2015-12-04
[EXPERIENCE] The Greatest Way to See the World Widely and Deeply
John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States of America. Most people might know that, but did you know he had a unique habit
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-10-12
[EXPERIENCE] A Bright Light for Students Living on Their Own
“Come visit my bachelor’s apartment. I’ll cook you a delicious meal.” Recently, Sumin, SMT reporter received this message from friend who is
Oh Lee Sumin   2015-10-10
[EXPERIENCE] Not Only for the Older, But Also for the Younger
When you think of older people, who come to mind? What’s your opinion of seniors who push others out of public transportation seats in order
Park Kang Sieun   2015-09-06
[EXPERIENCE] Smartphone Teaches New Languages
Globalization. No longer is this word unfamiliar to us. However, for a truly ‘globalized’ world, people should speak more than one language.
Park Ra Minjee   2015-06-06
[EXPERIENCE] Lesson Taught by Colors
Many adults remember coloring during their childhood. Coloring books featuring famous comic book characters, cute animals, and lovely prince
Chang Chun Heejin   2015-04-28
[EXPERIENCE] Story Inside the Palace the Soul We Should't Forget
Throughout 5,000 years of Korean history, Seoul has been an important city. In the Chosun Dynasty, Seoul was the capital of the nation, and
Kim Oh Jieun   2015-04-04
[EXPERIENCE] History for Us, History for Our Heart
History is considered a difficult subject to learn. It usually requires much memorization, so students tend to be a little afraid to show in
Choi Kim Taeeun   2015-03-07
[EXPERIENCE] Read the World, Be the Change
“What made us stop reading?” asked a reporter to two friends. “Korean society requires too much of us.” “Is it really necessary for us to re
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2014-12-05
[EXPERIENCE] Be Dynamic while Dieting
Most people these days are wild about dieting. Whenever we see people who have good looking figures, we envy them. However, starting a diet
Park Ra Minjee   2014-11-09
[EXPERIENCE] Grow Your Own Money Tree
How much did you spend today? Did you buy a cup of iced Americano coffee, have lunch with friends, spend money on transportation fee? Maybe
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-10-09
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