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[FORMAL ARTICLES] Autonomous Vehicles: Are They Okay Now?
Are you familiar with cars that move without a driver? After inputting the destination, the car will take the passenger to the destination.
Oh Kim Youbin   2018-06-06
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Peace and Cooperation: Spring is Here!
Prior to the summit meeting between North and South Korea, a group of South Korean musicians visited the North to perform. Under the title ‘
Kim Hong Taeeun   2018-06-06
[FORMAL ARTICLES] The Flap of Wings to Embrace and Heal the Day’s Sorrow
On March 14, at Sookmyung Women's University, the ‘Simultaneous Bundle Wednesday Demonstration’ was held under supervision of 2018 Peace
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-05-01
[FORMAL ARTICLES] A Better Society for Young People
On March 15, the government announced the initiative ‘2018, Measures for Hiring Young People’. According to the plan, the government will gi
Song Yoon Heejeong   2018-04-30
[FORMAL ARTICLES] The Step of Peace, South-North Korea in Pyeongchang
On January 20, at a conference about South-North Korea Olympic participation, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved the proposa
Choi Shin Woohyun   2018-04-15
[FORMAL ARTICLES] The World's Changed Boys, Time We Change Too!
The awaited Black Widow film has been confirmed. Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. Black Widow, is a powerful hero and skillful spy in Marvel Comics.
Kim Lee Jihyun   2018-04-15
[FORMAL ARTICLES] (Too) Young Programmers?
Steve Jobs left the famous words, “Everyone should know how to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” As he said, compute
Han Lee Hyebin   2018-03-24
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Realize the Danger of Illegal Parking
On December 21, a disastrous fire killed 29 people and injured 39 at a sports center in Jae-cheon. Reckless and illegal parking hampered fir
Song Yoon Heejeong   2018-03-23
[FORMAL ARTICLES] To Be Saengmin or Have to Be Saengmin?
“Saving is like air. You should do it always.” “Money is not to be used. Not buying is a 100% discount.” “If you don’t save now, you will ha
Kim Lee Jihyun   2017-12-13
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Together as One, PyeongChang 2018
Two months from now, one of the biggest worldwide sporting events will take place in the Republic of Korea. This will be the first time for
Kim Hong Taeeun   2017-12-13
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Cruel Teenagers
A few months ago, in Asan, Chungnam, four middle school girls detained a peer and forced her into prostitution. Needless to say, it aroused
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-11-09
[FORMAL ARTICLES] We Need to Be More Sensitive
The highly anticipated Korean film of the 2017 summer ‘V.I.P.’ faced fierce criticism. Although the film was filled with famous movie stars
Kim Lee Jihyun   2017-11-09
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Barista, a Job Best Held by Humans?
The 21st century struggles to create a more comfortable world for humanity by making use of powerful scientific and technical innovation. Ro
Kim Choi Hyojin   2017-10-12
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Should Multi-Platform Content Providers Be Regulated?
The Korea Communications Standards Commission has unveiled regulations for multi-platform service providers including Multi Channel Network
Choi Shin Woohyun   2017-10-11
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Cafe or Library?
Walking along city streets, it is easy to find cafes full of students studying. In the past, most students went to crowded but quiet librari
Kim Hong Taeeun   2017-09-06
[FORMAL ARTICLES] "Where are You REALLY From?"
In the summer heat on July 2, three celebrities sat together in a small room. One of them was the interviewer and the other two were actors
Han Lee Hyebin   2017-09-06
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 8
On March 29th Samsung Electronics presented its latest smartphone Galaxy S8 in the U.S. market. It was met with favorable appraisal that cou
Kim Lee Jihyun   2017-06-23
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Prisoner Number 503, Formal President Park
South Korea’s first ever impeached president is now a prisoner. On March 31st, former president Park was taken and imprisoned in Seoul Deten
Kim Lee Jihyun   2017-06-23
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Still in Our Hearts, the Sewol Ferry Tragedy
On April 16, 2014, 476 people on board the Sewol Ferry for various reasons such as on school retreat, travel, business, and work experienced
Song Yoon Heejeong   2017-06-22
[FORMAL ARTICLES] Unwelcomed Guest, Fine Dust
Summer is approaching and also fine dust is coming. The Korea Meteorological Administration typically predicts spring to have about 5.4 days
Song Yoon Heejeong   2017-06-22
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