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[JOIN US] When in Need, I Am There
“A friend in need is a friend indeed”. This is a famous proverb in English that means a friend who helps you when you really need help is a
Kim Seol Jieun   2017-06-23
[JOIN US] Moving Together, Sookmyung Korean Language Education Volunteers
Nowadays, the importance of English cannot be stressed. Korean students struggle daily to improve their English skills. Can this be said abo
Han Lee Hyebin   2017-04-03
[JOIN US] SUA, Stand Up for Africa
“I don’t like studying, but I am always grateful for the opportunity to learn." This was the sentence spoken by an African child, Monday Noa
Kim Seol Jieun   2017-03-04
[JOIN US] ‘Green Snow’, Pioneer in the Area of Environmental Protection on Campus
Nowadays, every cafe at Sookmyung has launched campaigns aimed at saving the environment by offering a discount of 200 won to students who s
Mun An Yeawon   2016-12-10
[JOIN US] Fragrant Relationship: Hyang Yeon
Today, the youth of Korea are enticed towards something by its fragrance. According to one survey, the sales of perfume increased 62% this y
Kim Seol Jieun   2016-10-06
[JOIN US] One Hour: Enough to Make One Happy
What do you usually do in your free time at school? Do you merely hang out with friends, or study for exams or just have lunch with classmat
Kim Kim Hyuna   2016-09-02
[JOIN US] IM, a Club Creating Culture
What does the word ‘party’ mean to you? To most university students, party is something strange rather than something familiar. However, clu
Kim Lim Minji   2016-06-09
[JOIN US] Seolhwayeon, Passion for Taekwondo
What comes to mind when you think of Taekwondo? The image will likely include strong and flexible kicks, and another possible image can be l
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon   2016-05-07
[JOIN US] Gachi, Finding Real Value
Up to now, what has been the most important thing you value in life? Some might say power or love, and others may shout out beauty or family
Kim Seol Jieun   2016-02-24
[JOIN US] Sookpoong, the Sound of Korea
Kkwaenggwari, Janggu, Taepyeongso, what do all of these traditional instruments have in common? Not sure? Here’s a hint: people played them
Kim Oh Jieun   2015-12-06
[JOIN US] Nothing Can Stand in Our Way, FC Sookmyung
Under the warm autumn sunshine, people enjoy soccer. Every player runs to kick and follow the ball. After soccer, everyone pants and is soak
Park Kang Sieun   2015-10-12
[JOIN US] Whenever & Wherever NiViS is Found Cheering for Sookmyungians
“Sookmyung power, Sookmyung mascot. We're NiViS!" Wearing sparkling blue uniforms and engaging in spectacular cheer choreography, NiViS
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2015-10-10
[JOIN US] A Unique Activities about Culture and Art: Art & Sharing
Most people can’t feel the connections between us and culture and art easily. However, watching movies or reading books at home are also one
Oh Lee Sumin   2015-09-06
[JOIN US] SISS, a Club Where Women Study, Make, and Develop Security
In the past, the security field was generally limited to men. However, with the fast great expansion of the internet, information security h
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-06-06
[JOIN US] Culture, the Connection Linking People
When asked about the main role of Sookmyung Cultural Ambassador, the main spokesperson said, “We go on outings with foreign students enrolle
Koo Kim Gyohyun   2015-04-27
[JOIN US] Becoming the Positive Change in the World, KUCO
American poet and philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, "Music is a great possibility that exists in human minds. " Music has power to
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2015-04-04
[JOIN US] Treat Others with Empathy, TP-Vol
Have you ever seen the movie Avatar? Avatars touch and connect with others through their tenticles. By doing so, they share their feelings a
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2015-03-07
[JOIN US] Make ‘TED’ for Sookmyung, Snow Exchange
There are many popular lecture programs like TED, Sebasi (Korean TED), and Lecture 100 ̊C. Why do people love to listen to lectures? Le
Chang Chun Heejin   2014-12-05
[JOIN US] Start Korean Traditional Archery with Snow Bow
Have you ever heard about the Korean traditional archery? Since the blockbuster Korean film Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon (2011), people have b
Cho Park Jiyeon   2014-11-09
[JOIN US] Acting with Soul, Pit-a-Pat
Watching performances gives us a life of full energy. As people sing and dance, we also bring ourselves into the show and are fascinated by
Park Ra Minjee   2014-10-09
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