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[SOOKMATE] World Famous Stars in Korea
The 8th visit to Korea by Tom Cruise shows how Korea has grown to become a country that many worldwide stars travel to in order to make pers
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon   2016-12-11
[SOOKMATE] Famous Cities throughout the World
When Koreans think of famous cities in Korea, they will surely say Seoul, especially the area of Gangnam. However, a place can be famous des
Wee Hwang Jaeyeon   2016-10-06
[SOOKMATE] Hot Spots for People in Their Twenties
When a foreigner in Korea asks you to recommend somewhere to go, what do you say? Likely places like Sinchon and Hongdae come to mind becaus
Park Kang Sieun   2016-09-04
[SOOKMATE] Our Beloved Sports and Athletes
What do Kim Yuna, Park Jisung, and Son Yeonjae all have in common? They are all renowned young athletes who have made Korea known to the wor
Kim Oh Jieun   2016-06-12
[SOOKMATE] Special Holidays from Around the World
To modern people living in today’s rapidly changing 21st century, holidays are mere rest days. However, the word holiday is derived from ‘ho
Oh Lee Sumin   2016-05-07
[SOOKMATE] Diverse TV Show & Host, A Different Kind of Fun
After a hard day at work, everyone loves to come home and watch TV while enjoying a bunch of snacks. Most TV shows are aimed at making peopl
Chang Chun Heejin   2016-03-05
[SOOKMATE] Different Superstitions in Different Cultures
Have you ever noticed that some elevators in Korea have replaced the number 4 with the letter 'F'? Four is considered to be bad luck
Oh Lee Sumin   2015-12-02
[SOOKMATE] Folktales; a Nation’s Unique Culture
Imagine a little girl nestled up tight in her grandmother’s lap late at night. The grandmother tells her stories that her grandmother once t
Kim Seol Jieun   2015-10-09
[SOOKMATE] Women, Gentle Power to Change the World
In the past, most women were considered weak and should be obedient to men. It was hard for women to voice an opinion and lead society, howe
Kim Oh Jieun   2015-09-06
[SOOKMATE] What is the Standard of Beauty in Your Country?
Now that the hot summer is now in front of us, you may be dieting in order to show off your skinny legs. Why is it that thin is better? Who
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2015-06-06
[SOOKMATE] Creativity, Changing the World
In Korea, 1976, Dongshu Company made a unique invention. It was the ‘coffee mix.’ By combining ground coffee, cream, and sugar, the company
Kim Oh Jieun   2015-04-29
[SOOKMATE] Who Brights Yours Money?
‘Money is Power.’ What does this phrase mean? It means money represents a country. To travel overseas, the first thing you need is the curre
Park Ra Minjee   2015-04-04
[SOOKMATE] How Do We Start a New Semester?
Starting something new usually makes one nervous; it’s challenging yet inspiring. Especially, the start of new semester makes students nervo
Koo Kim Gyohyun , Kim Oh Jieun   2015-03-06
[SOOKMATE] Enjoying the Winter Wonderland
The leaves have fallen, and the wind is getting colder. As winter approaches, Korean traditionally prepare to make kimchi a staple food that
Choi Kim Taeeun   2014-12-05
[SOOKMATE] Students Around the World Dream of University Admission
During the Korean College Scholastic Ability Test (KSAT) period, the tense atmosphere can be felt throughout the whole nation of the Republi
Hong Ha Sunwoo   2014-11-09
[SOOKMATE] We All Once had a Twinkling Birth
Regardless of our home nation, all of us came into the world by birth. Since giving birth to a baby is a significant event in one’s life, hu
Park Ra Minjee   2014-10-08
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