Letters from Ex-Editor-in-Chiefs
Letters from Ex-Editor-in-Chiefs
  • Shin Won So-ra
  • 승인 2007.09.28 08:41
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1. Kim Joo Bo-yeon (Editor-in-Chief)
When I was a member of SMT, it has been 29 years.  The 35th anniversary is very meaningful to me.  I used to have a meeting on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to prepare the magazine and eat dinner with other reporters and seniors.  And it helped me to adapt myself to company life.  Also, I usually got along with friends that I met in SMT and sometimes phone calls from them make me feel energized. 

Like SMT is having its 35th anniversary, it will someday have its 70th anniversary, and I want to have a chance to meet SMT members at that time.  Furthermore, members are all talented and so I wish all of them to success in their life as well as SMT. 

2. Jo Lee Chung-un (Editor-in-Chief)
I congratulate SMT’ 35th anniversary and I wish SMT improves gradually.

3. Son Lee Jung-eun (Editor-in-Chief)
Congratulation, SMT! I cannot believe that it has been five years since we worked hard for the 30th anniversary special issue with amazing people. Time flies. Also, I cannot believe that once we had passionate time only for the magazine. Even after we retired from SMT, we still have very strong tie with each other and the journal. Just like we were, I am now sure that all members of the SMT are proud of them and celebrate this meaningful day. Thank you for your commitment and passion which make the SMT work. Please try harder to be closer and more open to Sookmyungians with confidence. Go SMT!

4. Jo Seok Sung-woon (Editor-in-Chief)
I congratulate SMT’ 35th anniversary with my whole heart.  As one of the media of SMU, SMT allowed me to be deeply moved by spending a long time with my fellow students.  I thank SMT members, director, assistant and many people who put all of their energy to make better magazine.  I hope SMT will advance steadily.

5. Goo Youn Eun-ae (Editor-in-Chief)
I congratulate The Sookmyung Times(SMT) on their 35th anniversary.  I know that there might be many troubles with seniors while publishing the magazine.  Nevertheless, it is amazing that the SMT has continuously been published.  Even though it is subsidized by the university and has been helped from professors, almost every stage is made by SMT members.  I’m very proud of the progress that SMT has made over the past 35 years. 

Furthermore, English content will become important in this era of globalization, so it has great potential.  I wish SMT offers students a chance to read beneficial articles.  Moreover, since the world has changed and increasingly more people get information on-line, SMT had better use other new media like Internet to popularize it.  Also, by meeting students’ demand and changing timely, I expect SMT to be a great magazine.

6. Kim Lee Ji-hye (Editor-in-Chief)
I wish SMT to develop remarkably from now.





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