How Oneul Communicates
How Oneul Communicates
  • Oh Hwang Junhee
  • 승인 2019.10.01 08:59
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At 5 p.m. on September 10, the Student Council Oneul hosted a press conference at the College of Science Room 651 at Sookmyung Women's University. More than 50 students participated despite the rain. On the agenda was the reporting of work carried out during the spring semester, the introduction of work to be done during the second semester, reporting on the fall semester’s budget and the spring semester’s spending and the answering of questions. The conference began with a recap of the status of implementing the Council’s four major pledges: menstrual leave policy, self-assessment, student and minority rights, and direct election of the next university president in which students vote. Student Council President Hwang Jisoo stressed the need for Sookmyung to introduce a credit carry forward system from 2020. Under the system, up to three credits would be transferable within the maximum possible 36 credits per year. In addition, Oneul is planning to create a barrier-free campus. By breaking the barrier at Sookmyung, We can open portals that support classes for disabled students, support cyber classes, and produce disaster safety manuals for disabled students. The Council also expressed the wish for more attention at public hearings. A public hearing on menstrual leave policy will be held sometime in October, and there will be a public hearing on student cafeterias in the fourth quarter. The Council also hoped to gather students’ attention with Human Rights Week, which ran from September 16 to 19. This week, they hosted a variety of events such as lectures under four themes, photo exhibitions, and hate-free cafés. The event took place under a relaxing atmosphere, so there was plenty of enthusiasm, and students posed many pre-created and impromptu questions during talks. Song Subin, Department of IT Engineering ’18 said, “I knew that Oneul was working hard on a number of projects, but I didn't know what they were doing exactly. This meeting gave me a chance to get to know the specifics.” Even now Sookmyung Student Council is agonizing over how to increase communication with the student body and working to make students aware of quality effort on their behalf.

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