Free Gifts Distribution, Dreaming of a Better Sookmyung
Free Gifts Distribution, Dreaming of a Better Sookmyung
  • Choi Cho Huiryung
  • 승인 2019.10.01 08:59
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September 1 marked the start of a new semester, the student council of Sookmyung, ‘Oneul’ held a campaign to attract Sookmyungians to pay the Student Union fee and handed out its free gifts for starting up. The event took place at the Queen Sunheon crossroad. Preparations for the event began at 10 a.m, but the day’s events started from 11 a.m. Students' participation was quite simple. After checking the student ID cards by a staff of the Student Council, participants received free gifts that were comprised of a tiny bag and the ‘Oneul newspaper,’ published by the Student Council itself. Also, the event caught the eyes of Sookmyungians. First, Oneul shared details of the Student Council’s use of student union fees. Staff also advocated for the expanding of lectures on women’s studies and lectures that used sign-language. With the words “The expansion of women’s rights” filled with blue stickers. Oneul’s campaign finished about 1 p.m, earlier than scheduled because Oneul ran out of free gifts due to the high unexpected, yet welcomed, interest among students. Min Jiwon, Department of Korean & Literature 19’, said, “Today, I could find out how Oneul tries to give their effort for better Sookmyung. I hope we can make a better change for school together ever and after.” SMT also asked how staff think about the event. And Shin Jihye, Director of Public Relations and Design said, “We shared free gifts to spread our message that it is necessary for all Sookmyungians to pay for Union fee because the Union is essential to the operation of the Student Council. Oneul’s event was hailed a stepping stone, for with increased union funding, the possibilities that the Student Council can create for Sookmyung will be endless. I hope Sookmyung becomes more democratic and transparent.” This event was a trigger announcing the new opening and for a better trace of Sookmyung.

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