Myself With My Fashion
Myself With My Fashion
  • Choi Cho Huiryung
  • 승인 2019.10.01 08:59
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Please explain your fashion style to our reader.
I am generally inspired by my role models, people who care about their lives when I coordinate my outfit. Today I decided on a tidy, yet classy style that is not overly trendy. I chose a comfortable, simple, tidy looking beige long skirt and paired it with a wine-colored striped T-shirt. They suit each other brilliantly. I also opted for a bandana as a key eye point, something that is unique and doesn’t overdo the look. Overall, I tried to create an outfit that is both fashionable and natural.

When you go shopping, what is the most important thing you consider?
I look at comfort. I avoid clothes that look or feel uncomfortable when I wear them. I also only buy items that suit me. I mean clothes that can express me as a person and that make me feel confident. Finally, I tend to buy high-end quality clothes because I wear my clothes for a long time. Concerning clothes that are easily worn and thrown away, I try to spend money on items that I can wear for a long time even though they are expensive.


1. Top / Forever 21 / 10,000 won
2. Skirt / Unknown / 29,900 won

3. Shoes / Groove / 49,900 won
4. Bandana / Unknown / 7000 won

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