The Law of Life: Change
The Law of Life: Change
  • Kim Ma Seunghee
  • 승인 2019.11.01 09:48
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It’s commonly spoken in Korea that stagnant water is bound to become corrupt. While some things that people do or believe such as passion and purity should stay firm, over time, everything changes and to survive those changes, people must adapt. Hearing the words, ‘stagnant water is bound for corruption’ as a child, I used to ponder on the changes, especially on my achievements and my attitudes toward others. Some things I thought were important and should not change, have decayed, and other things that I felt should change, remain the same. I suppose those conflicts will stay with me throughout my life. I also suppose I am not alone. Each Sookmyungian will have surely gone through this type of complex thinking. As time passes and we approach the end of the year, it is a great time to harvest, to ponder on personal changes that we experienced throughout the year. Some of you might have already gone through a major change, succeeded in personal achievement, or lost something dear to you. Maybe some of you are still going through changes. Either way, I’m sure every Sookmyungian has grown over the year from their experiences.
Change is not something that happens only in the individual. The society also has seen many changes this year. Every aspect of life has undergone or is undergoing change. For the November issue of SMT, reporters are doing cover stories on changes felt, seen, or heard in 2019. In particular, FEATURE reporter delves into the political unrest in Hong Kong, which began at the end of May. To better understand the situation there, SMT reporters met politics professor as well as a Hong Konger who is struggling through change. In the article COVERSTORY, SMT reporters cover the recent increase of female entertainers appearing on variety shows. Readers will enjoy reporters’ analysis of the recent Korean media trend. SMTRACING will present issues and concerns with the menstrual leave policy at Sookmyung, which started as a pilot program this Fall. SMT surveyed Sookmyungians’ thoughts about the policy and its effect on students, study, and lectures. With the program in its infancy, more changes are to come, and at present, we do not know where it gets us. With change an inevitable part of life, everyone must learn to adapt. As the press of Sookmyung, SMT promises to listen to the voices of students and their wants and needs for change. We also promise to be attentive and highlight those individuals and groups working towards positive change for our future. Please continue to show your appreciated support for The Sookmyung Times.

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