Conversations at the Incumbent Job Concert
Conversations at the Incumbent Job Concert
  • Ahn Ha Yura
  • 승인 2019.11.01 09:48
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On October 2, Sookmyung Women’s University held the Incumbent Job Concert at the Samsung Convention Center on the second floor of the Centennial Hall at 4 p.m. Lee Taeyoung, talent team leader of PUBG and Lee Woojin, planning producer of <Pororo the Little Penguin> and <Tayo the Little Bus> spoke as invited guest lecturers. The two lecturers introduced the game and animation industry to attendees, talked about their jobs, and gave advice on hiring practices and job preparation. Lee Taeyoung said the most important thing when looking for a job is to know yourself first. Lee also recommended constant research into industrial groups to find a job for the rapidly changing modern society. Lee said that in her company, about 25% of the workers are women, so game content companies are quite accessible to women, more so than other industries. The next lecturer, Lee Woojin introduced the planning process of animation. Lee said, “The world’s greatest creations, ones that had lasting changes, began with personal experiences.” Lee said he, himself, observed his children before coming up with <Tayo>. He also talked about 3Cs, namely Concentrate, Collect, and Communicate, as being important in the animation industry. After each lecture, there was an opportunity for students to ask questions. Kim Seoyeon, a member of Career Development said, “We decided to host this event because it is rare for students to meet executives working in various fields. It gave students the usual opportunity to ask the questions in person. We hope that more and more Sookmyungians take part in these types of events so that they find out their true interests.” As Kim hoped, participants said the time was meaningful. Jeon Seongah, Department of Japanese Studies ’19, said, “I major in Japanese Studies but I’m interested in marketing, especially marketing for games like Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds grew quickly in a short period, so I want to learn about their marketing strategies and how they led to success. It was a great opportunity to ask specific questions.” The lectures by the invited executives provided Sookmyungians with plenty of indirect job experiences.

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