To Be a Global Leader
To Be a Global Leader
  • Kwak Lee Shinyoung
  • 승인 2019.12.02 10:12
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On November 13, the final round of 10th Annual English Presentation Contest was held in Samsung Convention Center at Centennial Hall. Applications for the contest were held from October 28 to November 3. Each participant has to submit a slideshow about a certain topic through e-mail. There were 5 available content topics. They were gender equality in Korea, the global refugee crisis, climate change, innovation in technology, and Korea's low birth rate. After initial screening of presentations by professors, 10 presenters advanced to the final round. Judging for the final round was done by 5 native speaker professors. The final round was opened with encouragement by Lee Hoseop, director of the Division of General Education. He hoped the presentation contest helped students improve their foreign language skills. Each participant was given 6 minutes to present on their topic. After all presenters had completed their talk, they showed a Ted talk video in order to give judges time to decide the winners. Six people were awarded prizes: 1st, 2nd, and 3 people for 3rd place. 1st place went to Lee Jeongahn who gave a presentation about gender equality in Korea. One of the judges, Rocky Bonnell, said, "Despite the difficulty level of the topics, all participants had exceptionally well-organized talks. I hope this presentation contest was a great experience for all who participated." First place award recipient Lee Jeongahn, Department of Political Science & International Relations '19 said, "Gender equality is a controversial topic, so I’m glad I had the opportunity to present my views on the topic today. Also, it was meaningful to present in English my opinion towards this issue in Korea in front of foreign judges." As Lee said, the contest was a great opportunity for Sookmyungians to voice their opinions freely on an open platform. SMT hopes many more Sookmyungians participate or attend the contest in the following year and share what they think freely.


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