Farewell: The Sookmyung Times
Farewell: The Sookmyung Times
  • Kim Ma Seunghee, Kim Shin Hyerin, Oh Kim Youbin
  • 승인 2019.12.02 10:12
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Your sojourn as editors is coming to an end. How do you feel knowing you are leaving SMT?


MSH: SMT has been a part of my daily life since the start of my university life. I can’t believe I will no longer be an active part of it.

SHR: It’s hard to sum up my feeling in just one word because I’m going through a very mixed emotional state right now: relief, regret, pride, and others. Nevertheless, my two years here as a reporter with SMT were valuable times in my life.

KYB: I have mixed feelings about retiring from SMT. At the start of this year, I thought about working as a reporter one more semester because of the fun and excitement, but over time, I got more interested in the publication of other areas through SMT. That’s why I leave SMT without any regret.



What were some of the challenges you faced at SMT?


ALL: All the articles in this year’s March and April editions were written by us. During those days, we always discussed the articles regardless of time and place. That time was harsh, but we felt the strongest love and pride in SMT.



What was the most rewarding aspect about being part of SMT?


MSH: It’s now for me. Since becoming editor-in-chief, I have become quite fearful of failure. Luckily my fellow reporters went through the hard times with me, so we stand here together now at the end.

SHR: It may sound boring, but I loved writing magazine articles. I am very cautious of my word choice, so I constantly reflected on my writing. Also, I took pleasure in my completed articles when I saw them in print.

KYB: When SMT’s stand was empty. It means many Sookmyungians read our magazine, so I was really happy to go to stand to refill our magazine.



What do you think is the best article you wrote during your term at SMT?


MSH: “HONG KONG: The Region of a Huge Knot” which appeared in the November issue written by Hyerin and Junhee is my favorite article. I was impressed by the analysis of the political unrest protests and the interview with an expert and a Hong Konger.

SHR: “My Anonymous Friends”, the article about ‘salon’ culture written by Youbin. It had a nice flow, connecting the past and the present culture of salons. Also, the method she used to analyze it was also fresh.

KYB: “Make Our Story, Not History” in March written by Seunghee. In this article, I enjoyed the interview and survey result analyses, which made readers understand it well. Also, the way she connected women and films was fresh and interesting.



What does SMT mean to you?


MSH: Passion and responsibility. Without these two key aspects, I would have never gotten through all the challenges I faced working for SMT.

SHR: SMT is like an “injection”. I worry about the pain and side-effects before the needle, but after the shot, I realize I had nothing to fear. SMT gave me the anxiety, worry, and burden about whether I can accomplish the work well as an editor. In the end, though, just like an injection makes your health better, I have improved. I’m not the same person I was when I first started at SMT.

KYB: Half of my university life was spent working as an academic reporter. SMT gave me the chance to have valuable experiences and make lifelong friends. Also, SMT directed me down my path in life. SMT has been the most worthwhile experience for me at university.



Last, please give your final farewell sentiments to Sookmyungians, our readers.


MSH: Thanks for always supporting us. Without Sookmyungians, our press would not exist. Please continue to support SMT.

SHR: This is the first chance I have had to thank our readers personally. SMT exists for all Sookmyungians, and its eyes and ears are always for you. Please continue to support and read SMT:)

KYB: Sookmyungians, a gracious thank you for your support. Thanks to you, SMT has become a better magazine over the years. SMT takes pride in its responsibility to work for you and we are grateful for your comments. Even though I now step down from SMT, I hope you will continue to show the next generation of SMT reporters the same amount of support you gave me.♥



Kim Ma Seunghee / Editor-in-Chief


Kim Shin Hyerin / Society Section Editor


Oh Kim Youbin / Culture Section Editor

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