Breakfast, Take It or Not?
Breakfast, Take It or Not?
  • Kim Lee Charmseul
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As a Korean student, you have probably heard your mother crying out, “You need to eat breakfast, Honey!”  I think everybody have heard this more than once.  Most people know the benefits of breakfast, but still skip that meal.  The benefits of breakfast are huge, yet many Koreans don’t eat breakfast because of their busy schedules.  Japanese author, Matshui Jiro, said, “Breakfast is not essential.” He argues that having 18 hours of term between the time of eating meals makes the body’s internal organs function better.  For modern Koreans, is this the new norm?  The Sookmyung Times reporter, Lee Charmseul, experimented on herself for five days.


No Breakfast, No Power

Like most busy people, I did not eat breakfast daily.  Therefore, I thought it’d be easy to skip each morning meal.
On day one, I skipped breakfast and felt no change.  However, because I continued day after day to skip breakfast, I noticed I developed a strange eating behavior.  I ate more between meal snacks like peanuts and bread.  Although I didn’t eat any breakfast, I eat higher calorie food between breakfast and lunch.  I felt myself getting fatter.  Also, my between meal snacks resulted in later lunches.  As I ate more snacks, I had no appetite for lunch.  Then, I ate smaller quantities at lunch.  I kept eating snacks and even ate a small dinner.  In addition, I tended to eat late-night meals.  It became a vicious cycle.  Many people ask themselves, “Why am I still chubby when I eat simple meals every day?   I sometimes even skip a meal.”  I might have the answer.  You are likely eating between meal snacks.
Skipping breakfast also made me experience headaches.  I felt dizzy very often.  It was only on the last day-day 5-that I started to adapt to skipping breakfast.  However, if truth be told, no breakfast made me less energetic.

Why does Mom Emphasize Breakfast?

As explained, skipping breakfast was really difficult for me but eating breakfast in every morning was also a hard work.  Normally, it is hard to eat just after waking up.  I am too sleepy and have no appetite.  One of the most tiring things is that I must set the table myself.  I didn’t realize that it would be so tiring when I was young.  As an adult, I must do everything for myself.  I understand why many people skip breakfast.  Not only are they busy, it is also burdensome work to make breakfast.  However, skipping breakfast, I ate all day long.
I now eat breakfast regularly.  On the first and second day of keeping breakfast, however, I found it hard to wake up early and eat.  As the days passed, I adapted to this environment.  I felt breakfast giving me energy.  From the third day, the morning became fresh.  I then understood why mothers push their children to eat breakfast every morning.  I don’t eat rice every day.  I eat various types of food like bread and peanuts or drink milk.  Regardless of the food I consume in the morning, I get energized for the day.

Eat Right and Simple

There is old saying in Korea, “Eating right will keep you healthy.”  Perhaps skipping breakfast could help some people; however, for most people like me, eating breakfast is a much better life choice.  Today’s life pace makes us skip breakfast, but you should still eat breakfast.  Eat simple food like peanuts or bread.  Morning energy will last till nightfall and all throughout life.




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