Back to the Past
Back to the Past
  • Lee Hwang Hayoung
  • 승인 2020.05.01 09:50
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Back to the Past1)

Every day a large number of new mobile phones are released. The industry has met consumer’s demands by upgrading the functions of mobile phones. In the past, older flip-style mobile phones used to be popular. However, soon came the slider-style mobile phone, which had a screen on top and a keyboard on the bottom and had to be slid upwards to open in order to access the keyboard. Not long after this, the touch-style mobile phone arrived. Consumers then demanded the touch phone to become thinner, lighter, and have larger screens. As companies released mobile phones with larger screens, consumers began to complain about portability. As a result, companies have now released a portable foldable mobile phone that maintains a large screen. Samsung released the Galaxy Z Flip, which folds up and down, and the Galaxy Fold, which folds sideways. The Chinese company Royole also released its latest folding mobile phone called Flex Pie, and Huawei released a mobile phone called Mate x. Then, there is Motorola's laser, TCL's DragonHinge, Xiaomi's Mifold, and Mimix Fold, all of which will be released in the market shortly. The most expensive new mobile phone to hit the market will be the Samsung Galaxy fold, priced at 1,959.95 dollar. Despite its high price, pre-bookings, which were launched on official online malls, saw sellouts in just 15 minutes at SK TELECOM sites and 10 minutes at KT sites.
Samsung's lower-priced Galaxy Z-flip, released on February 14, popularized folder phones and sold out in just half an hour. Samsung now offers a Galaxy Z-flip in Tom Brown Edition. The phone was created in collaboration with Tom Brown and released on February 21. The market for folder phone is increasing and as such, famous luxury brands are now collaborating with phone companies. NH Investment & Securities saw sales of smartphones fall over the last couple of months due to COVID-19 but expects folder smartphones to be the way to spark the market with interest in them growing. In fact, KH Batech, a major player in the folder smartphone industry, saw a 18.9% growth from 21,450 won to 25,500 on February 11. In addition, there has been an increase in videos titled "Decorating Foldable Phone" on YouTube, so sales of folder smartphones has steadily risen as has content on them. With the popularity of folder mobile phones rising, Samsung Electronics said it plans to release its second-generation Galaxy Fold 2 along with its Galaxy Note 20 series in July or August. With growth in folder smartphones continuing, it is important to keep an eye on the IT market for the next while.


1) Seon Mingyu, “SKT·KT, 'Galaxy Fold' Reservation Was Finished in 10 Minutes.”, ZDNET KOREA, September 5, 2019

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