• Choi Kim Seoyoon
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Choi Kim Seoyoon Hello! My name is Kim Seoyoon, and I am first year student in Media Studies. I hope to one day become a journalist so being accepted into The Sookmyung Times is a particularly valuable opportunity for me. I will never forget the opportunity the press has given me, and I will try my best to make The Sookmyung Times shine brighter than ever.


Choi Song Bojeong Hello! I'm Song Bojeong. I am a first-year student in the Department of English Language & Literature, and I'll be working as an 88th reporter of The Sookymung Times. It's an honor to join The Sookymung Times, and I look forward to learning from senior reporters. I promise to work faithfully and do my best to deliver informative articles. Thank you.


Kwon Jung Eunseo Hello everyone! I'm Kwon Eunseo, a cub reporter of The Sookmyung Times. I'm very pleased to be a member of this leadership group. I'm also a little nervous because I must take on the huge responsible of writing topnotch articles, but I'm ready for the challenge. I hope to become the type of reporter that writes articles that benefits everyone, so I will emphasize honesty during my investigative reporting. Thank you.


Na Cho Seongah Hello, SMT readers. I'm Cho Seongah. It's an honor to have been recruited as an 88th cub reporter. I look forward to being the voice of Sookmyungians through SMT. I promise to do my best. Thank you.


Sang Lim Hyeji Hi I'm Lim Hyeji from the Division of Economics '20. I'm a new face of The Sookmyung Times. First of all, I would like to say how happy I am to be joining The Sookmyung Times. Also, as a cub reporter for The Sookmyung Times, I promise to deliver accurate and reliable information to Sookmyungians. Please look forward to my articles. Thank you.


Yoo Baek Hayoung Hello, everyone! I'm Yoo Hayoung. I'm so proud to be a part of The Sookmyung Times as an 88th cub reporter. It's a great honor and a wonderful way to start my university life. Though I will need much training and advice, I promise to deliver the news out of
a sense of duty and responsibility. I hope this year will be filled with happiness and cheer for all Sookmyungians! Thank you.

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