What is Your Best Movie Ever?
What is Your Best Movie Ever?
  • Yoo Baek Hayoung
  • 승인 2020.06.01 09:50
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Movies inspire us. We laugh, we cry, and we are moved while watching a film. Sometimes a film can even change our lives and our minds. They make us question about ourselves and reflect back on our lives. Then, what movie has had the most influence on your life? If nothing quickly comes to mind, how about reading the comments by these four people and then rethink the best movie of all times?



1. Toy Story
(Jung Jihee, Division of Business Administration ’20)

I transferred schools a lot as a kid. It was always hard to say goodbye to friends and leave familiar places. During those troubling times, <Toy Story> was a great comfort to me. The movie made me realize the meaning of healthy separation and gave me the chance to look back on life and people. After watching the movie repeatedly, I concluded that “Farewell is the way to a new meeting.” Once I reached this conclusion, I was no longer afraid of parting ways with people.




2. 3 Idiots
(Sim Soohyun, Department of Food & Nutrition ’20)

“All is well”. Have you ever heard this statement? Whenever I am having hard times, I think of this sentence. I first heard it spoken by Rancho, the main character of <3 Idiots>. He lived life with the positive thought that all would go well. Moreover, he dealt with inequality and discrimination confidently and pleasantly. The relation between the three friends in the movie, especially their relation with Rancho, was very impressive and has influenced my attitude in life.




3. The Greatest Showman
(Kwak Shinhyun, Division of Economics ’20)

At first, I simply liked the music featured in <The Greatest Showman>, but before long, I came to love the story behind the film. Even if it is unintended, we often look at people who are different from us through colored glasses. Because of our prejudices, those people become alienated from the rest of society. In this movie, the socially disadvantaged become the main characters and are recognized by people. I couldn’t help but be impressed by the film’s touching story and its powerful music.




4. My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday
(Lee yerin, Division of Chinese Language & Literature ’20)

Honestly, I do not enjoy watching a movie repeatedly, but this film is the exception. When I first saw the movie, I was just interested in its subject-matter, love beyond time. However, I found myself in tears even after the movie ended. Since that day, whenever I think of this film, I have the urge to watch it again, and the more I watch it, the more I experience new emotions. This movie is more than just a simple romance movie. It makes me think deeply about time and love.

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