Getting ready for employment with a special lecture
Getting ready for employment with a special lecture
  • Choi Song Bojeong
  • 승인 2020.09.01 09:55
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From July 31 to August 9, Sookmyung held a special lecture for Sookmyungians preparing for employment at public institutions. The program was conducted virtually through pre-recorded videos due to COVID-19. The video was available to Sookmyungians who pre-registered for the event between July 22 and 26. Sookmyungians had access to lectures through SNOWBOARD, so they were able to watch it at their convenience any time over the event period. Instructor Lee Sanghoon, Head of the Korea HR Research Institute, gave a two and a half hour lecture on the employment strategies of public institutions. In the lecture, Lee provided a lot of information and advice for employment at public institutions. He explained the employment practices of various public institutions in detail, and presented procedures and methods for success during the stages of hiring. He also provided individual strategies that would help students seeking employment at public institutions by introducing various examples of successful candidates. Above all, Lee tried to provide practical help for students by addressing major student concerns. The special lecture presented information on how document screening at public institutions was carried out. Lee concluded the lecture saying, "Next time, I will introduce strategies for interview success if I am invited back." A participant in the lecture, Sim Eunah from the Division of Economics '20, said, "I took the lecture because I had hoped to learn valuable information on various companies. Before taking the lecture, I was worried that the lecture would be geared towards senior students who are actively seeking employment, but I had no difficulty thanks to the instructor who spoke to not only the upper year students but also to the lower year students. From the lecture, I gain a lot of information about job-hunting, which will help me prepare for employment later, and I felt that I should keep in mind the idea of working a public servant as well getting a job in the private sector." The Public Institutions: All in One special lecture helped many Sookmyungians of various ages who are considering employment at a public institution. SMT expects such lectures will continue to have positive effects on many Sookmyungians. 

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