PICK ME! Program To Prepare for an Interview
PICK ME! Program To Prepare for an Interview
  • Choi Kim Seoyoon
  • 승인 2020.11.02 09:55
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On September 29, the Career Development Center of Sookmyung Women's University held a special lecture titled "Pick Me Program" for students preparing for job interviews. Students who applied in advance between September 16 and 29 were able to participate in the program. The special lecture was conducted through ZOOM, a real-time video lecture application, due to COVID-19. It lasted an hour, with a total of 24 students participating in the program. Also, the lecture was conducted by Kim Younghee, a consultant at the Career Development Center. Kim provided a general understanding of the interview by lecturing about interview evaluation factors and interview process. She also introduced specific types of interview questions frequently asked by companies along with samples of excellent answers to the questions. Kim provided tips on how to answer unexpected interview questions and for giving one-minute self-introductions for various job fields so that students preparing for various companies could prepare for the interview more thoroughly. Kim said, "It's important to practice and prepare for an interview regularly. It’s also better to memorize answers to expected questions and your self-introduction before entering the interview room." She stressed that students should be thoroughly prepared before entering the interview room. Kim concluded the lecture saying that she would provide individual consultation on interview answers and feedback on letters of self-introduction through an application for SNOWAY counseling. Park Jihyun, Department of Public Administration '17 who participated in the lecture program, said, "I am currently doing my 7th semester at university. Because I haven't experienced many interviews yet, I thought it would be better to learn about things I may be lacking in my interview preparations. I also wanted to learn more about how to prepare for an interview in general." Through this special lecture, Park and many other students were able to learn and better understand how to prepare for an interview. SMT expects such lectures will continue as they provide practical help to many Sookmyungians preparing to get a job.

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