From Self-Introduction to the National PR
From Self-Introduction to the National PR
  • Yun Jung Ji-hye
  • 승인 2007.10.02 18:19
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Sungyu Bang
PR Cooperation Bureau

Have you ever seen the advertisements? There are two ads recently, one featuring Korean figure skater star Kim yu-na, another featuring swimmer star Park Tae-hwan, who represents Korea's dynamic and positive image.
Then, have you heard about the Government Information Agency (GIA)?  They have publicized most of the ads or Public Relation (PR) activity of Korea.  In the organization, PR and many activities are divided into each part.  Among others there is Director-General Sungyu Bang in PR Cooperation Bureau.  He said, "The processes of life are one of PR."  In this time, the Sookmyung Times met him at Central Government Complex.  Then, let's hear his view on the GIA, PR Cooperation Bureau and PR.

SMT: What are the duties of the GIA?
Bang : It connects the nation and the people.  Though there are no own policies, we assist PR or advertising of other ministries and offices' policies.  The GIA coordinates the PR business of the nation, publications of the government and supports other offices.  The GIA also presents Korea about their activities and information to Korean as well as overseas.  Its direct PR to public is completed through advertisement, pamphlet and Internet PR.  Before announcement of their new policy, the GIA had a prior consultation with other offices to notify more effectively. 

SMT: Then, which role does the PR Cooperation Bureau undertake in the  GIA?
Bang : We carry out the most crucial role in the GIA.  The PR Cooperation Bureau collaborates with each agency and holds a meeting every week.  It also intervenes in lots of affairs of state and establishes the direction of the nation's PR.  Furthermore, organizing and assisting the public officials for education is also one of its works.  It is focused on media relation.  In recent, it is carrying out "upgrading the support system for news coverage."

SMT: In your opinion, what is PR?
Bang : Through PR, the important messages from nation's policies to a democratic value and national development vision would deliver within a large boundary with ease.
While the people see the ads of the GIA, they may feel the confidence and patriotic sentiment even if they aren't aware of it.
SMT: Would you give me the examples of overcoming the difficulties?
Bang : While the public opinion has disagreed regarding FTA, the GIA has tried to arouse positive public opinion and convey the fact and reality.  In the conclusion, the FTA came to a peaceful and satisfactory settlement.  In this case, the message management and PR plan was crucial.
When the kidnapping case in the Taliban occurred, Korean news kept in step with foreign reports thoughtlessly and restlessness prevailed among the people.  Then, the GIA quieted down public sentiments and made an effort to release a hostage.  Finally, the situation was turning in our favor and public sentiment reached a steady state.

SMT:What do you think about PR of Sookmyung Women's University?
Bang : The messages were delivered to Sookmyungians and the public effectively.  Above all, not only the messages but the substantial features have been harmonized well. The word without practice will serve for nothing.
For example, S-leadership was realizing through classes, leadership group activity and school policies.  The outward look also has contributed toward Sookmyung's enterprising and future-oriented image.  These examples are one of "positioning."  Thanks to these positioning, Sookmyung's outside image and reputation will obtain the desired results.

SMT: How do we use PR in daily life?
Bang : PR is used at just business or management, but related to human life.  PR is one of the methods of introduction oneself to other people.  When we are greetings on a first meeting, we might introduce ourselves to them.
According to social psychologist George Herbert Mead, looking self means looking at your reflection in a mirror. That is, self is defined and appraised by other people in interaction with them.  Because of that, it is necessary we should consider ourselves in human relations and express ourselves to them.  The truth is most fundamental factor in relationship.  If someone loss one's credit, those close to him wouldn't believe the person.  The truth and belief would like to affect at the hard moment.  They may show clearly in the darkness. Therefore, we should build conviction and give our sincerity to other people all the time.

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