To Find the Real Love, Kangfull Webtoon Street
Kim Jo Dana  |  smt_dana@sm.ac.kr
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Have you ever heard of Kangfull?  He is a famous cartoonist, especially in the field of webtoons.  Kangfull is the first generation of webtoon artists and since his webtoons have become popular, the number of new webtoon artisans has increased dramatically.  The first webtoon he ever drew was “Romance Comics" and is the webtoon most people are familiar with.  When people think of a webtoon, they generally think it can only be seen on a computer.  However, Kangfull tried something new.  He drew his webtoon on a wall, and on September 3rd the “Kangfull Webtoon Street” was completed.


1st Story. Your All Time






Kangfull wrote and illustrated Your All Times last year, and it was later published as a hardcopy comic book due to public demand.  The webtoon arose from the idea that on January 1st 2012, many people would get infected by an unknown virus and become zombies.  Whenever people hear the word ‘zombie,’ they first think of thrillers. However, Kangfull’s zombie story is a sad romance.  The story centres on two main characters: Joosun, whose parents and friends became zombies, and Jungwook, whose brother gets infected by the virus.  The story starts when Joosun and Jungwook find each other and fall in love.  Kangfull Webtoon Street begins with the mural painting of Your All Times (Picture number 1).  Next, there is a cabbage mural (Picture number 2) drawn near the edge of the street.  Jungwook farms crops needed to make Kimchi for Joosun, but he dies before harvesting them. Even though he dies before making the Kimchi, he devotes his last moments to the person he loves.


2nd Story. Babo*


In this webtoon, there is a foolish man named Seungyong who has a younger sister.  Their parents died when they were both young.  He earns money by selling sandwiches, and you can see his sandwich shop in picture number 3. He demonstrates what real love is. There are two kinds of love in this webtoon.  The first is for his younger sister and the second for his first true love.  His first love returns to ten years later and this is when the story begins.  If you look at picture number 4, there is a musical note. Reading the notes, you will recognize the song as Little Star. Seungyong always sings that song because he believes when people die, they become stars.


3rd Story. I Love You


This webtoon is about the love felt by the elderly.  Picture number 5 shows and depicts every character in the webtoon storyline.  The old grandfather in the story earns money by delivering milk and the elderly grandmother earns money by collecting recyclable paper.  They accidently bumped into each other, which is when the story really starts.  From then, they fell in love.  Looking at painting number 6, you also can feel the happiness of the couple as they fall in love.  The story was made into both a movie and a TV drama series since lots of people liked the webtoon tale.


4th Story. Romance Comics









Romance Comics is the most well-known and the very first webtoon made by Kangfull.  As in every Kangfull webtoon, the theme is love.  There are two couples in this story.  The first is love between a high school girl and a thirty year old company officer, and the other is love between a 30-year-old woman and a 23-year-old man.  The high school girl meets the office worker each morning in the elevator.  Picture number 7 shows one morning encounter in the elevator.  The girl wanted to watch the snowfall on Christmas Eve.  So, the man used artificial snow from a spray can to create a snowy winter scene for her.  You can see this lovely scene in painting picture number 8.


Place     Kangfull Webtoon Street
             Five minutes from the Exit 4, Line 5 Gangdong Station
Time     Always
Price     Free
Tips      Since the mural paintings are hidden between houses, you should bring a map of Kangfull Webtoon   Street.  It is easy to find the murals by looking at the map and referring to house numbers.


* Babo is a Korean word denoting a person who is foolish.



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