Noonsong Will Be Your Technology Teacher
Noonsong Will Be Your Technology Teacher
  • Yoon Kim Eunji
  • 승인 2021.11.01 09:58
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PHOTO FROM SMWU1 Day Class Learning From Noonsong
1 Day Class Learning From Noonsong


The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence has transformed our society into a hyperconnected and super-intelligent society. Therefore, at this point of rapid change with new technological innovation, there is a need to present and prepare for a new educational paradigm. In order to provide education on the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, the Sookmyung Women's University Innovation Team held a contest to recruit students to conduct a class of "1-Day Class Learning from Noonsong." The SMWU Innovation Team operates educational programs focused on cloud computing and aims to establish an autonomous online education system using AI technology. Therefore, the contest recruited those who can run basic online classes about technologies such as Python, big data, and 3D modeling that meet the educational goals of the SMWU Innovation Team. All undergraduate students, students on leave of absence, and graduate students, regardless of major, were able to apply from September 23 to October 17 to participate in the competition. Applicants were required to fill out the provided class proposal form and submit it via email to the SMWU Innovation Team. In the proposal, they had to state the subject and goals of the class as well as the details of the three-hour class. In addition, they had to submit portfolios such as their course history related to the class, certificates, and other experiences related to the class subject to check whether they could run the class well. The results of the contest were announced through e-mail, SnoWe, and the website of the SMWU Innovation Team on October 21. Students designated as class operators must upload their class videos by November 10 and run the online class from November 15 to November 24. They also have to answer questions from the class students using the Snowboard bulletin board or a Kakaotalk open chat room. Finally, on December 3 at the end of the class, the SMWU Innovation Team will pay 36 million won to the class operators.

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