New Start, New Semester, New Sookmyung Times
New Start, New Semester, New Sookmyung Times
  • Yoo Kim Juhee
  • 승인 2014.03.07 16:09
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Winter vacation is over and a new semester has begun.  SMU campus seems ever so vibrant thanks to our new members.  Writing the first article of 2014, I want to start by asking the question, “How was your holiday?”  For the Sookmyung Times reporters, winter break went by so fast.  During the last few months, cub reporters underwent intensive training to write better articles and editors went abroad seeking more exciting and diverse coverage items.  Also, we made every effort to prepare March edition of the Sookmyung Times.  I sincerely am thankful to all reporters for all their dedication.

In this year’s first edition, the Sookmyung Times tried hard to reflect many of the opinions from readers last semester as well as recommendations from magazine reporters to better the magazine.  To break our still and conventional image, we revamped the cover with Sookmyungians’ beloved trade character, Snowflake.  Also, to hear more of students’ voices we replaced the puzzle section with a space for reader photos and short stories.  Other than these, there are more changes that we implemented for the magazine’s betterment.  Hope you feel the changes as you read.

Moreover, in the March edition, the Sookmyung Times decided to reflect on issues that many university students face during vacation.  Accordingly, in the first edition of 2014, the magazine covers issues regarding Rail-ro and women in emotional labor positions.  Readers can have the change to profoundly reflect on student struggles.

Lastly, the Sookmyung Times hope to communicate more with its readers this year.  In an attempt to do this, we have created an e-mail account exclusive for reader contact.  Whenever you would like to voice an opinion, have topics you would like to read about, or have photos you would like to share, contact us anytime at  We delightfully await your thoughts and ideas.

Thank you for your support last year and we wish all Sookmyungians a great start to the new semester.  Again, a great welcome to new SMU faces.  I am pleased to meet you all!

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